then,The dealer’s mood is much better。

The mood of serving the rich,are different。But now,A lot of rich players,I like playing cards like baccarat。Simple rolling of the dice,Not popular now!
He noticed,Populus has about 2 million chips,It’s a high roller。
That kind of move costs tens of millions,Even a huge bet of hundreds of millions,In reality, there are still relatively few,Even a billionaire,Enter the casino once,It’s impossible to exchange tens of millions of chips immediately。
Don’t look at their gaming table,There is one person with more chips,Over five million。But that’s the casino“Own person”,That guy is just a good-looking guy,Which is the legendary Junket Operator。
The dealer on this island,I used to work in Omen,Was dug here recently。
Many people go to Omen to gamble,Maybe the most eye-catching thing is the beautiful croupier sister,But the inside story of the casino is key,It’s actually a Junket。
Stacker is the person who stacks the chips,In fact, it is the common name of gambling intermediary。Occupation is to find the source of gamblers、Encourage and lure gamblers to gamble in VIP rooms、Bring revenue to the casino,Redeem chips through gamblers,To earn casino commissions。
The casino will give each Junket Operator several million、Tens of millions of credit chips,Lima。
High rollers come to gamble in the hall,Generally do not bring cash。Juniper directly lends his own code to gamblers to place bets,Wait for the gambler to leave the table,The VIP room account room calculates how many miles of transaction volume the gambler lent from Junket Operator,Junket Operator draws commissions ranging from ten thousandths to fifteen thousandths。High Roller bets one million,Juniper can get more than 10,000 commissions。
“it is good,Buy out!”this time,In the face of Populus,Zhuang Jia has switched to Chinese。
Actually,The arrival of Populus,Also attracted the attention of the Junket Operator。
Guy shaking the dice,Is a master,Otherwise it won’t be dug。
He shook it out by himself,I can probably know what the situation is。Clearly know,If you open this time,Populus must be the winner,But he will still open。
Can’t bear the child can’t hold the wolf,This is a practice in all casinos。
most of the time,In order to arouse the gambling heart of the rich,Even deliberately let them win,Give some sweetness,Not afraid they are not addicted。
Current situation,is also like this。
He happily uncovered the dice cup,As expected,Populus won。but,The odds of bet size are not high,only1:1,So Brother Hu just won hundreds of thousands。