Because he said before that he would stay in the mountain and wait for Lin Yun’er,They come back together after work

that time,Lin Yuna,She refused to say that she couldn’t leave the company. After all, he was the president of the company,The company must have him to lead。
So,Xiao Fan,At that time, I compromised and listened to Lin Yoona.,And didn’t stay there with him。
But now he has done everything in the company,And arranged the work,No matter what special situation there is, someone will solve it。
Even if it can’t be solved,Then call her again and let her know that she can go back to the company again,So there is nothing to worry about。
What about tomorrow,He went back to the mountain side。Surprise Lin Yoona。Xiao Fan returned home at nine o’clock in the evening。
He didn’t eat dinner tonight after returning,I don’t think I’m in any mood,After I got home, I lay down on the bed。
Pick up the phone to answer Lin Yoona,“Hey,Yoona,what are you doing?”
Lin Yuna said:“Nothing else?I was chatting with Sister Bai just now,what’s wrong?”
Xiao Fan said to him:“It’s nothing,Just miss you a bit。Give you a call,See what you are doing?”
“It’s like you’re by my side,We keep communicating。”
Lin Yuna said:“Damn,I missed me for so long after I left,It’s okay,Isn’t this going back soon??”
“After a while, sister Bai and I went to bed too early,What did you eat tonight。”
Xiao Fan said:“I think you can’t eat anything you want,No dinner at night。”
Lin Yuna said:“what?Didn’t you eat, are you hungry?,Hurry up and cook some noodles yourself。”