But he dare not go,He dared not face the disappointed and self-blaming look of the master,I dare not look at his embarrassed master now。Because he and others did it together。

Muzi stood there for a while,The painful struggle inside,Morality on one side,Yes on one side,What should he choose?
Muzi stood there for a while,He finally made up his mind to go down the passage。
Muzi slowly walked down the passage,This is the first time he walked into this basement,Although he knows this place exists,But never came in。
He didn’t dare to face all this his master did before,Although I know his master is not a good person,But he doesn’t want to face these things。
Let him see the true face of his master,And now he doesn’t want to face it even more,Because his master is inside,Suffering。
Muzi walked slowly,He looked at this factory that has been hidden under the Sakura View for more than ten years,It’s broken now,There are random things placed everywhere。
Although no one is here now,But Muzi can still imagine what this place was like。
When Muzi saw the rows of iron fences,And after the fences and some simple utensils,I still couldn’t help but feel a pain。
He can even imagine,Just a few days ago,It’s all crowded here,Everyone lives here like the lowest animal,Being arbitrarily oppressed by her master and those so-called brothers。
Muzi saw the man who fell underground at a glance,Is his master。
He walked slowly over,Look at the old fox just after rolling underground,My eyes are dim now,Life and death immersed in his bliss。
Muzi saw a sharp pain in his heart,This one is embarrassed before his eyes,Also like a maggot。
He can’t tell this person and he saw that when he was a child, even though he was harsh,But always a formal dress,Teach him martial arts,The master who taught him how to behave。
Muzi couldn’t help but split the lock outside with his hand,Opened the fence door and walked in,He looked down to the ground,Like an unconscious old fox,There was just a weird twisted and illusory smile on his face。