Liufang Group is divided into five factories,Zhao Yuanchao, the director of the second factory, is definitely a ruthless character with hands and eyes.,Became the factory director at a young age,I heard that they are powerful people with backgrounds in the province。

“Yes!Uncle Zhao and my dad are fellow villagers,Have known each other for many years。”Lu Menglin answered calmly。
“Oh!So this is ah!You kid,It’s not too early to talk about this relationship at home!The teacher will take care of you,What’s the matter to tell the teacher?!” Old Monster Liu is Uncharacteristic,Try to squeeze some smiles on that fat face,Grievances。
“No need!I won’t tell my family about this time,Please be more respectful in the future。”Lu Menglin lightly ordered。
“it is good,it is good!”Old Monster Liu smiled,Nodding,I was really surprised,When I want to face this kid,How do you feel like facing your boss,Really hell!
Don’t provoke this kid anymore,In case what he said is true,I have the opportunity to sue myself from Director Wang of the Board of Education,But you have to lose your job!
Lu Menglin ignored Old Monster Liu,But walked into the classroom。
At this moment,Dozens of eyes in the classroom,At the same time, he looked over。
Lu Menglin calm and relaxed,The expression on his face is even clearer,I haven’t been beaten up。
And then Old Monster Liu who came in,But made everyone stunned,Dumbfounded。
Old Monster Liu is dirty,There is still a white mark from the blackboard eraser on the left cheek,It’s obviously like being beaten,But still smiled awkwardly:“The teacher accidentally fell,Fortunately, classmate Lu Menglin helped me in time。The teacher expressed his gratitude to classmate Lu,Now going to the infirmary,You study by yourself!”
The whole class was in an uproar。
This is obviously a nonsense explanation,Let the students wait for all petrochemicals,Speculating about what happened in the corridor just now?
Why not only did Lu Menglin not get beaten,On the contrary, it seems to have subdued Old Monster Liu,This style is too weird!