At this time, Xiao Fan said to Xia Jia:“Do you want to follow it??”

“what?what?”Xia Xia is still immersed in the fact that the man actually bought a broken stone just now,I didn’t even hear what Xiao Fan said。
Xiao Fan looked at summer,I knew she had never been to such a place,I guess she doesn’t even know what calcite does!
Secretly shook his head,I repeated my question again:“I said that the man just bought the stone for eighty-eight thousand dollars?He is going to solve the stone now,Do you want to follow it and see?”
“Look,What to see,More,What does Jie Shi do?”Xia Xia asked blankly。
Xiao Fan suddenly had the urge to leave now,I really don’t know anything this summer,This jade shop allows a person who doesn’t understand anything to come to this place to pass the test,What do you think?
But since Xiao Fan has promised summer,He can’t do the things he regretted on the spot,Forget it,Work hard by yourself,Teach her。
So he walked and said:“Where is the stone,After someone bought the Tibetan jade stone,There will be professional calcite workers to cut this stone,To see if there is really jade in this stone。”
Summer nodded clearly。
That’s it!
“If there is no jade in it,Then it can only be said that your money has been lost,If there is jade,The value of the jade must be judged according to the fineness of the jade.,Like these calcites, there are jade collections on site nearby。”Xiao Fan also became a teacher thoroughly this time。
Nodded if something happened in summer,Said:“That’s it!”
Because there is still some distance from the calcite,So there is no idleness on the road in summer,Looking around,I will touch the rock I like a few times,But if you really let her buy it,So sorry,That is impossible。
The closer to the calcite,The more I can hear sighs after another。Although I don’t understand in summer,But I also guessed an approximate,These sighing estimates are those Xiao Fan said that he spent a lot of money to buy stones,But there is no sound from the person who cut the jade, right?!
When the two of them get to know Shi Chu,There are also many people,The stone workers kept cutting the stones brought by the guests。
But one knife after another,Summer is stupefied and there is no green at all。
Sure enough, soon I saw a crying man walking out of the crowd,Summer guess,It is estimated that the stone cut by the stone worker just now belongs to him.!
Xiao Fan looked at these people,There is basically no smile on everyone’s face。
Secretly shook his head,Where is gambling in this industry so easy??
So-called,A knife rich,One cut through linen。