In order not to expose the city of steel,In order for the earth warrior to buy time for cultivation,The three of them racked their brains,Bleeding and sweating,I just want to be careful to keep the family business laid down by boss Lu,It also leaves a hope for the earth world and all mankind behind。

but,the reality is cruel,With the longer time in Shenmin Continent,They know how powerful these foreign races are!
All heat weapons can’t be used.,Human powerhouse,Even those phoenix scales,No one in the world,After coming to Shenmin Continent,Will send myself,So-called powerful,So ridiculous。
Replaced with god people as a reference,They will find,Human martial arts powerhouse,Even if it is a strong fighter,The combat power is not as good as an ordinary soldier of the god nation。
This is an extremely desperate conclusion,At the same time, it also spurs the human warriors of the City of Steel,Practice like crazy,Never dared to stop for a moment。
Because they don’t know,When will the Dharma sword hanging over the head fall,Bring disaster to all mankind。
no doubt,The City of Steel is the hope of mankind,And the people living in the city of steel,Will regard Boss Lu as the hope of the City of Steel,Maybe the only hope for mankind。
Fortunately,Lu Menglin is back,And also brought great news。
He did not disappoint everyone’s hopes of him,He has successfully reached the top of the gods,And got a knighthood,Become a domain owner,This vast land including the City of Steel,All become their own territory。
This is Lu Menglin’s victory,Is also a victory for the city of steel,It’s a victory for mankind!
This is the first legal land occupied by the earth world on the Shenmin continent,I believe this news will be sent back to the earth world,Will cause the madness of countless people,Will cause an unimaginable sensation!
“This time I also brought hundreds of Zuma sets,You pick out the most elite human warriors as soon as possible,I need the city of steel to fight!Only experienced war,Human warriors can grow as quickly as possible。”Lu Menglin ordered。
“understand!Although the individual strength of our human warriors is not as good as the gods,But our army is the best!Team collaboration capabilities,I am confident!”Mao Yongfei’s eyes lit up,Speak loudly。
“Ok,I have seen it!Really good!From now on,Will have a steady stream of high-end equipment sent to the City of Steel。I want to arm all the guards,Not enough strength,Let’s use equipment to smash combat power,Use teamwork to kill the enemy!You remember,Any time,We all have to give play to the characteristics of the human army,Forever,Short of attack。Don’t underestimate the enemy!”
Lu Menglin gave an order,The three agreed,High spirits。
“Come with me to Hainuo Lab。”Lu Menglin said。
quickly,The three followed Lu Menglin,Together came to the Hainuo laboratory located in the core area of the City of Steel。
According to Lu Menglin’s meaning,Just set up a branch of Hainuo Lab in the City of Steel,But a group of scientists headed by Professor Liu Cixi,They are firmly opposed to staying behind,Strongly request to move the Hainuo laboratory as a whole。