There are about seven or eight police officers in the house,Everyone sees people are coming,Hula rushed up all at once,In the end, Brother Fei was stunned by the pot cover six times,And threw them downstairs,Snatched a gun,The most funny thing is that he forgot to grab the bullet,I threw the gun into the trash can before I went downstairs。

Is such a tough master,Stayed in the juvenile office for three years,Invincible Hand,Entered Heliansheng before the age of seventeen,Naturally, it became a match for the gold medal of Liansheng。
Five people in this line,They are all key members from Hong Kong Island and Liansheng,It is also the famous Heliansheng Wailian Action Team in the arena。
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Nine The enemy comes
Hong Kong Island’s No. 1 Association and United Victory,Nearly 30,000 members,But the Outreach Action Team has only ten groups in total,Group of five,Always maintain an establishment of about fifty people。
And these fifty people,Is the elite of the elite,Represents the fighting power of the entire community。
The group led by Erye,Specialize in dirty work,He has a weird nickname on the road,Called the Golden Horse Award。
This Golden Horse Award is not the Golden Horse Award in the Hong Kong and Taiwan entertainment industry,But the meaning of the gold medalist。
Ren Jiayao,Grew up on Polan Street, Hong Kong,Used to seeing Fengyue,Began to be a mafraker when he was a teenager,Can be said to read countless people。
And he is cunning and vicious by nature,Not willing to be a little groom,After joining Heliansheng,Opened a new business for the club,Kidnapping of beauties from various countries,Then sell to high-end customers who can afford it。
Among the missing persons in Hong Kong every year,Many of them are from his handwriting。
In addition to selling tied beauties to customers,He also developed many clients into informants of the club,And accept order service。
In other words,If there are high-end customers who are fond of a certain beauty,As long as the price is affordable,Even a female star,Second master dare to take someone to tie it back,Give it to customers,Then blackmail the ransom,Means can be described as omnipotent。
Able to play pippers out of the realm,Play out,Played to the extreme,What is it if you are not a Golden Horse Award winner?