I haven’t waited for Xiao Fan to speak,Just listen to the people watching:“You are too shameless,I asked for your opinion when I finished getting the stuff just now,And you also agreed,Now come to find the account,I really don’t know why your face is so thick!”

“What’s your business?shut up1”The shopkeeper punched the person who was talking in the crowd.。
The shop owner turned to Lin Feng:“Don’t say I bully you,Jade carving you stay,You can pick any other things in the shop。”
Lin Feng’s mood immediately became worse,Said angrily:“We paid for things,And you agreed to take things,You want to go back now,I tell you,No door。”
Good things that are hard to get,Lin Feng said nothing would be possible。
The shop owner argued:“It was after my consent,It’s not wrong if you paid,But you paid because you broke the compensation given to me by another baby of mine,It has nothing to do with this jade carving。”
Lin Feng was angry for a long time,Only said one sentence:“You shameless!”
“You can’t say that,You go to inquire,Whose antique shop does not have a treasure of the town yet,The one you hold in your hand is the treasure of my house,It’s just that I accidentally forgot where I put it,You just take it away,Isn’t that a robbery??”The shop owner said unreasonably。
“Moreover,I just said,You bring back the jade carving,You can choose anything in my shop,You can take as many as you want,I have done this,Isn’t it enough??”
Just listen to someone in the crowd saying:“Really shameless,Never seen such a shame,Obviously you used fake things to ruin people from the beginning,Seeing other people’s things are valuable now,This has to be taken back again,This is too bully。”
“Such a boss deserves to open and close,Don’t even know how to do it,Still want to learn from others to be the boss,I bother!”
“Exactly,It’s so shameless!”