“Believe it or not,I told you not to go today!”

There is no anxious scolding,Li Dongan clearly expressed his wishes every word。
“Do not believe!”
Xiang Chen’s tone is calm,As if I have nothing to do with the Audi car around me,Naturally, when Xiang Chen is serious, I can’t find the guilt about driving the car into the hotel.。
The face is full of indifference,Xiang Chen still feels a little regretful,Just because I saw the man in front of me molesting Gao Lan,I just drove into the hotel,Is this a bit rude??
Smile softly and shook his head,Xiang Chen threw all the distracting thoughts away,Come in,What’s the matter of going out now!
Take out the phone,I dialed the number not long ago again,A few simple words,A little embarrassed,But the other end of the phone quickly accepted。
While feeling that acquaintances are easy to handle,I gave a relieved look at the elegance who was surprised and looked at me,Then Xiang Chen leaned against the car,I wanted to light a cigarette,But reluctantly found that the cigarettes in the cigarette case were wiped out by myself without knowing when,I can only give up helplessly!
Throw the cigarette case on the ground,Xiang Chen angrily awaits how Wu Weifeng handles this matter。
“Kid,Don’t you run today!”
At first I thought Xiang Chen was contacting his own insurance company,But at the end,Li Dongan never thought,He is in the contact person to solve his hotel,How can Li Dongan keep his emotions?
It was the fire in my heart that was provoked by Xiang Chen,Now add to Xiang Chen’s attitude, what kind of attitude can you treat me,If it weren’t for a glance, I didn’t find anything in hand,Li Dongan had already smashed Xiang Chen’s face that looked awkward.!
“You are here waiting for me!”
Li Dongan jumped and yelled to Xiang Chen,Turn around and rush towards the kitchen,Soon he rushed out with a kitchen knife。
Gao Lan hinted to Xiang Chen several times to let him leave quickly,But Xiang Chen doesn’t seem to see it,Until Li Dongan went back and rushed out with a kitchen knife,Gao Lan doesn’t know what to do,I can only use my body to protect Xiang Chen。
The moment of rushing up,Gao Lan thought of many things,The most is my daughter,Then I regret why I rushed up。
Close your eyes tightly,I’ve seen a lot of things like blocking a knife on TV,But know that this is about to happen to me,Gao Lan is still a little nervous and scared。
“I am not a hero,But at this time let a woman protect,It’s really shameful!”
Xiang Chen’s voice also rang in Gao Lan’s ears,Compared to the heat that Li Dongan exhaled before,Xiang Chen’s voice is obviously more comfortable。