Finished talking,Lena turned and looked at Zhao Xin“Xin Zhao,Go call all those bastards back,The food will be delivered soon,Hurry back for dinner!”

When Lena is in a bad mood,Xin Zhao never shows up。
I heard what Lena said right now,Xin Zhao salutes directly“okay,Don’t worry,I will call them!”
Chapter Thirty Seven meal time
Lightning letter appears again,Between blue and white electric lights,Xin Zhao has found two friends, Ge Xiaolun and Cheng Yaowen,After the notification,Xin Zhao ran directly towards Liu Chuang who was cutting the mountain and Rui Mengmeng who was with him。
With excellent mobility,Xin Zhao found Liu(Yu Gong)Rush。
As for Rui Mengmeng,Standing behind Liu Chuang obediently,Watching Liu Chuang fascinated。
Of course it’s not that Rui Mengmeng likes Liu Chuang,If Liu Chuang dared to have this idea,I believe Lena will not mind letting him know,What is palace punishment。
As the god of war and the sharp sword,In the genes of both,There is a partial favorability bonus,But definitely not love。
The two of them are good partners,Also a general and a deputy。
The previous generation of Nuoxing sharp knife,Not necessarily female,Man and man,General Shenhe System,Can’t accept this。
“Letter,You are here!”
Liu Chuang waved his axe,Looks really like Brother Axe。
Hear Liu Chuang’s proud voice,Xin Zhao nodded“Chuangzi and Mengmeng,Go back to eat,Training later!”
Liu Chuang has no other words,Retract the axe directly,Then look at Rui Mengmeng“Cute,Let’s go back together!”
“it is good,Brother Liu Chuang!”Rui Mengmeng agreed directly,Then two people go together。
See this more harmonious scene,Xin Zhao feels that one day Liu Chuang might really be overwhelmed by Lena’s hands,He can only give a silent blessing,Then try not to laugh out loud。