Yun Kongming’s call,Then Yun Tianpeng put his sight on Yun Kongming’s body,Looking at his embarrassed look,Very dissatisfied。

“But oneDLittle guy,I actually made myself so embarrassed,Do you still look like Young Master Yun?!”
Listening to Yun Tianpeng’s anger,Yun Kongming just bowed his head slightly,No dissatisfaction。
“Ha ha,Can actually see the patriarch of the Yun family,What an honor”Fuming said softly。
“You are very good,Can make Kongming be so gaffe,It’s a pity you can’t use it for my Yun family”Yun Tianpeng has a trace of regret in his tone。
Chuckle“Don’t be hypocritical,I know what your Yun family looks like,Fight if you want!”Whole body energy surge,Fighting gushing out。
Yun Tianpeng slowly shook his head“brat,If you think you and me have the power to fight,Then you are wrong”
“Hahahaha,Cloud Chicken,You are as conceited as always!”
A strong voice came from the Murong clan,Murong Ba’s figure appeared directly beside Fuming,Whole body energy release,Domineering。
“how。。。how is this possible!”Yun Kongming was surprised to see Murong Ba’s appearance,Shouldn’t Murong Ba be dead at this moment?,How come!
The one who frightened most was Murong Yuan,Looking at Murong Ba’s figure with wide eyes“how come。。。How did the foster father appear!”
Yun Tianpeng was shocked when he saw Murong Ba’s display,Turning to look at Yun Kongming,The big eyes are full of doubts“Kongming didn’t mean that Murongba was at least seriously injured,But how come here!”
“Aren’t you bedridden!”
Murong Ba grinned“Ha ha,Thanks to Fuming Little Brother for saving my life,otherwise,Now I have gone to see the king underground!”