Guo Meili and Ruan Lingna sat by the pool and whispered between women。The dresses of these two women are similar,Are very sexy swimsuits。

“Mr. Guo!President Xia seems something wrong today,What the hell is going on?”Ruan Lingna leaned against Guo Meili’s side,Suddenly the topic changed and asked。
Guo Meili took a look at Ruan Lingna,Smiled and said:“I don’t know the details,But he came to you today,You have to find a way to make him happy,Take advantage of your big beauty!”Guo Meili said,Wicked smile。
A woman who works in this place all year round,What have not been experienced。Ruan Lingna smiled at Guo Meili:“Useless,Look at him today,Even if I stand in front of him without clothes,I think he may not be tempted”
“Oh!is it?Why don’t you try without clothes”Guo Meili said,Can’t help but laugh。
At this moment,Xia Jian opened his closed eyes,Took a breath and asked:“What are you laughing at?Laugh so happy”
“Oh!It’s nothing。President Xia,You have been soaking for a while,Just let me press it for you,I think you are quite tired”Ruan Lingna hurriedly said,She is afraid that Guo Meili will make fun of her again。
Xia Jianying said:“OK!Then there is Manager Lao Ruan。But your massage technique is really a technician level”Xia Jian said,Jumped off the spa massage chair,Went to the small bed by the pool。
This room is calledVIPbetween,So the facilities inside are the most advanced。People who might be able to soak in it,Really top enjoyment。But only Ruan Lingna knows this,Hongchuanhe Hot Spring Resort has been open for so long,Only one person can enjoy this room,That is Xia Jian。
She can only follow Xia Jian to get some light,Just like Guo Meili。Because this room has never been open to the outside world,Open to the inside,But no one can have such qualifications。
Ruan Lingna stops at Xia Jian,Two white and tender little hands hit Xia Jian’s back like playing a piano。Her skillful movements,Plus her wonderful figure,I almost stared at Guo Meili on the side。
Xia Jian crawling on the massage table,Softly*With,He can’t help it anymore。He has been giving others massage,Unexpectedly, being pressed by others is also a rare enjoyment。