“old man,I will talk about it.,Is this interesting?”Lin Feng smiled:“Are you alder??I can help you。”

“you help me?Boy,Do not make jokes,You have a few pounds of a few two people who can help me.?If you give me learning100Ten thousand years,Then give me the next hand to be barely。”The town god disdain。
“Calm,So I am also the main hall。”Lin Feng heard the words。
“Your service is not the same as the responsible business,That is to find a flame.。”The town gods turned around,It seems that Lin Feng let him feel a little comfort.。
Lin Feng heard the madwood。
“Don’t get uncomfortable,Industry specializing in surgery,In fact, you are always old and learning to learn to alchemist or good.。”The town god suddenly laughed:“Don’t compete for the position of the Lord of the Temple of the Laust。”
“I have this hard work.!”Lin Feng shook his head smiles。
“Boy,And my learning apparatus,What kind of medicinal medicine!”At this time, the gods of God came.。
This old man does not know what to refine this moment.,Spring breeze,Full red light。
“Genus,go away。”The town god is not polite.:“Refinery?waste time,The birth of so many Lingbao between the heavens and the earth,Not refining at all。”
“Humph,Lingbao limited,Can you have anyone??”The ground god disdainful laugh:“Lin Feng,You can consider considering。”
Lin Feng heard the words suddenly:“Genus,Go back, I will introduce you to a person.,You will take the right to collect him as a。”
He remembered his son Lin Yu,Lin Yu, this guy is a research madman,At present, the technical level of the vacuum nuclear is far more than him.,Manufactured weapons are terrible。
Give Lin Feng a sample when I came here last time.。
“Who is?How to?”The ground gods heard the eyes。
“He is my son,How is you saying??”Lin Feng said with a smile:“Inheriting me and his mother’s advantages!”
“That is still。”The ground gods heard the head and shook his head.。
“Ha ha。”The town gods heard the rhetoric:“This kid,Full of confidence,I thought I didn’t know how much I was.。”
“Genus,I let you see what is a real refiner!”Lin Fengwen said a deep face。
“Boy,let me see,wait a moment,I am going to Tan furnace now.,You refine your hand.!”Land god haha smiled:“Look at the main refining method of our firepower。”
“Need not,This is a sample of my son refining.!”Lin Feng smiled and took a gun,It is a sparkler。
This is the latest version of the sparrant gun。
“What is the spirit of this?It is a waste iron.!”The ground god looked at this pole laughing。
“good,This is a waste iron.,Strange!”The town god is also laughing:“Boy,Don’t show ugly。”
“I will talk about it first.,My son is now being repaired.。”Lin Feng explained:“This rib is his current peak.,However, with the increase of practice,He will make more powerful things in the future.。”
“Boy,Don’t be blown here,Let me see strength。”The ground god smiles。
“Strong strength。”
Lin Feng took the sorrowful gun.:“Genus,Look carefully,See if I have a discouragement。”
“rest assured,We look at!”The ground god and the gods laughed。
A sound of rumors,Lin Feng pulled the trigger of the might gun,Sudden powerful power from inside,A bullet spreads the void,Space surrounding hidden cracks。
“too weak!”The town god looked at this bullet laughed。
However, the god of the land is proud.,His hand reached out,Directly grabbed this bullet。