“Hey-hey,Shen Da Ge is not aware of me again.,I am deceiving you.,Really rented,Because my pigs are not only raised in the pigsty,Of course, renting,The most important thing is to lay the foundation for the future slaughterhouse with the ham factory.,As for good at it is used to put pigs。”

Hearing Li Hui’s so long plan,Shen Tian Si is no longer more。
“Row,Since you have such a long thought,I don’t say anything.,Waiting for a contract。”
The price given by Jiangfu is a thousand acres.,The price he gives Li Hui is a thousand,Consider,Pizza Ming is also high,In this way, Jiang Fuming is looking for him.,He can also say the past。
In fact, he also knows,If Jiang Fushen knows that Li Hui’s price is one thousand,Maybe each other can give one thousand five,After all, the opponent’s uncomfortable momentum is there.。
There is also a free greenhouse with Lotus Village.,It’s all。
Just he thinks, it is competitive.,I can’t burn the general competition so much.,Unless it feels that your money is not finished.。
Think about it,Shen Tian Si no longer think more。
Let Han Shanshan go to the contract directly.。
“Hey-hey,Shen Da Ge,This matter is completed,I am also ready to develop the mountain.,What is the development of the mountain field still needs your support。”
So fast?
Is the pig farm not not completely??”
For Li Hui Feng, the fast-paced development now,I can’t adapt it for a while.。
After all, he can all seek Li Hui’s development.。
“Hey-hey,Synchronous development,I found that it is too slow to develop.,And the development of the mountain,I need to apply for a house,Casino,After all, I want to engage in tourism,Tourists can also experience different feelings。”
Shen Tianzi listened to this, the brow is also frowning.。
For those buildings of Li Hui Feng,He knows,But now it is clear that Li Hui is not satisfied before.。
“What you mean want to build a house with hydropower and open fire?”
I listen to Shen Tian Si instructions,Li Hui felt did not play。
“Lee brother,Minghuo these things say that it is not possible.,After all, it is a mountain field.,Once the fire is definitely unpackable,And your mountain is tightly tight with the mountains.。”
“Don’t say anything else,The thick pine needles in the mountains,Just a Mars can cause fire,The problem of fire burning mountains, you should know the seriousness。”
Shen Tian Si is a serious face for this kind of thing.。
Before, Li Hui is built as if it can be,That is the bamboo house,No hydropower inside,But you can live。
Later he thought,No hydropower,It is indeed that is really not that。
But many of the responsibility is not that he can bear him.。
“Um,I thought about this.,I will do fire.,At the same time, hydropower I will not use the country.,I am ready to get wind power generator,solar energy generation,This way can control a lot of things,Also have water problems,Water I directly built a artificial lake,Direct drinking mountain spring water。”
“As for the fire,That can only be gas stove.,But I will design it specifically.,When I took the design map, I saw Shen Da Ge.,But I hope that Shen Da has given me the problem of the construction of the house.。”
“Um,I tried this best,But I will explain in advance.,I can give it to you.,Don’t give me a whole thing,There is also a house of building a house.,Can only be a land use certificate,Real estate license don’t want。”
Li Hui Feng slightly。
“Feelings can also have a real estate license?”
Shen Tiansi looked at Li Hui’s curious look.,Suddenly I feel a little more。
“Cough”“This past,it’s gone now,After all, we are a remote hill area.,Poor jingle,Real estate can also be mobilizedGDPof,But now it should be strict.,Don’t you think。”
Li Hui frowned and thoughtfully thought.,road:“Shen Da Ge,Let’s talk about it in advance.,Average this day a few days,Can you let go of your mouth?,You have to remind the people above,Once this mouth is open,So it is very likely that there are countless capital giant crocodiles.,It’s hard to do it.。”
“Hahaha, what do you think??