Le Yu got up,Push Mu Zizi。

Blue Xin has a little red laugh,Still quietly。
Lu Hao Cheng’s phone suddenly rang,He looked at it is Ou Jing.,I took the phone:“Hey!”
European:“problem occurs,Come to the company。”
Lu Hao Cheng listened,hang up the phone,Looking at Blue Xin,“Blue,I am going to the company.。”
Blue Xindao:“You go.,Hold it down,I can take care of him.,do not worry。”
Lu Hao nodded,After the upper building, I hugged the blue and my room.,I drove to the company.。
NS1028chapter:Is it this kind of thing?
Lu Hao Cheng came to the Lu Group with the fastest speed.。
I enter the company’s door,I heard the noisy voice came.,He eyebrows,Is security guards who have joys??
“Lu Hao Cheng,You bully my daughter,Let my daughter have something pregnant,But put her into the big trip,You are not human,You also gave me my daughter.。”A woman who is 50 years old is crying in the hall。
There are many reporters around the reporters around.。
There is also a reporter question,The woman also cried against the right and wrong to answer all the questions.。
Lu Haocheng listened to this,European, so-called accident,Is it this kind of thing??
Ou Jingzhen saw Lu Haozheng in the crowd,He went to Lu Haozheng,Say:“Is Yu Siyun’s mother,Her daughter is now stinking,I want to find you account.,I have been there for more than half an hour here.,Pull her out again.,So many people now look at,You come over personally give an explanation will be better.。”
Lu Haocheng looked at her,“Are you asked by her??”
European:“The mouth is long,Can I help her??These reporters are all she calls.,She is deliberately said.,The purpose is to rescue her daughter.。”
Lu Haocheng walked over,Everyone discovered Lu Haozheng,I looked excited about Lu Haozheng。
“Continental,Finally, you have shown up,This lady said,You make her daughter pregnant,I also sent her daughter into the tale,is this real?”
“Yes,Continental,Please respond.。”
“Continental,What is your relationship with Miss Yu Siyun??I heard that she worked here for half a year.,Work is very good。Does he really have your child??”
“Yes,Continental,I heard that you and your wife feel very good.,Why is it derailed??”
“Continental,Convenience to this relationship??We want to confirm the authenticity of this news。”
Facing a sharp question,Lu Hao Cheng has been calm,Come to the side of the lady。
After a listening to Lu Haocheng, he listened to Lu Hao.,Spiritually look at Lu Haozheng。
Looking at Lu Haocheng terrible handsome,She quickly swallowed a spit。
Lu Haocheng stands in front of her,Looking at her is。
“Lady,Your daughter is a niece of Yao Yao,During the business period,She uses work relationship,Theft our company designl.pcompany。As for your daughter is pregnant,You are going to have a big prison now.,We personally take the hospital in the past。”Lu Haozheng has a strong segment sound,Echo in every person’s ear。
Yu Diren listened to this,The whole person stunned。
go……Go to the hotel,Is it not a stuffing??
The reporter’s long gun short gun is against Mrs. Yu。
Mrs. Yu said,I have some panic in my heart.。
“Lady,Do you really go to the brimple to let your daughter accept inspections??”
“Lady,Do you say what you said??”
“Lady,You have always said that the Lu has made your daughter pregnant.,Not as good as we confirm it.。”
Reporter’s words,Let the lady are even more than the Lord.。
She is also going out.,I will come to Lu Haozheng,“Continental,Please,Let my daughter come out.。”