Not an illusion,Indeed in the wild beast。

Lens close,Night,A road to climb out from the dirt,魑 魑 魍魉 魍魉,Human urban advanced in the face。
at this time,A huge white giant white giant plob,Cheats bamboo pole,Big mouth opened,Engravene,Or is crushing into a fragment。
Saying is a giant,But it is just a body type。
Wolf,Have five eyes,White hard hair,Forms like long dragons,Lax,Signature wrapped around a circle lock chain,Yellow spell for sealing everywhere。
Spirit beast?Bai Rui!
Exorcist family Tucha Palace,Driving this belt,Need to bundle your own soul and Bai Rui,And with the body as a cage,Seal Bairui in its own body。
Bai Rui’s current driver is named Tong Palace,Is a tall,Middle-aged man who left the beard。
Although the face is rough,It is the contemporary home of the Tuo Palace.,The leader of the last generation of the Devils Family Alliance,Whether it is leadership,Or visual,All make each family feel good。
The reason why it is retracted,It is because Bai Rui used to drive,That is, the wife of the Tongyong Yale is defeated when the spirit is,The children of the two are too small,The spirit of the soul cannot withstand the pressure brought by Bai Rui。
Unable to give up Ba Rui strong combat power,Feared that it is ready to break freely,Tongong Yale can only choose to seal it on himself.。
As a result,The palace is elevated as a number of single soldier fighting power,The overall situation in the rear,I won the identity of the leader.,Returning to the front line。
Go out tonight,Belong to routine。
Tongong Yali is also thinking,Until all evil spirits,After the beast Bairui,He is very surprising。
Not a bad grievance and killing,It is a murder from humanity,Silk thread,Surrounded by the silver line,Calling swords and can’t cut off。
Tongral Yacherry frowning,I hope it is from murderous.,In the sight,Slimming body is standing in the bamboo forest,Light,As the feet tall, the bamboo is swaying in the wind.。
Recommendation, \!
“食 灵 解 封?Bai Rui!”
The palace is not hesitial,Summon the most strongest beast of the family,With the back of the seal,Huge white giant behemoth appears in the body,Body,Changlong is generally。
“Who are you?”
Do finished all this,Tongong Yale is only anxious to ask。
“Who am I don’t?,You look very strong,Make a bar,If I won,Your life and the snake belongs to me.。”Liao Jie stands high altitude,Hand long knife deflection,Reflecting the moonlight toward the palace。
Silver light blocking line,Tongqing Yali is fetching two steps,Frown:“The palace is rich,Exorcist Alliance member,who are you,Why do you have to provoke me for no reason??”
“Have more nonsense。”
Liao Jie is going down,Shells generally crash,He pulls out the feet embedded in the soil,Raise your hand over the blade:“Your snake is good,I want to seal it in my knife.,Is this reason sufficient??”
“It’s you!?”
Previous Liao Jie back to moonlight,Tongong Yale can only see the silhouette,Take a look at his face。
“Oh,You know me?”
“I have seen your video,Five headBLevel evil train is easily killing,There is no contradiction between us,No battle。”
The palace is Yalle shakes his head.,As far as Liao Jie is,Throw it without notifying the behavior of the knife,Other aspects can be used。
Especially when the special tactical tactics soldiers of the defense province shot,He has no weakness,Ideal is a good person。
Tongyong Yale this life,In addition to engaging in political struggle,The rest of the time is in addition,Self-procurdy camp,Everyone is a good person,No need to kill oneself。
“Battle,Your snake”