Time to rest,Qin Xiaomin never saw Chen Jiang come back。Negotiations are still deadlocked on the possession of equity。Finally, Secretary Wang said to Hu Huiru:“President Hu!Mr. Xia, our head of township, has already clarified this issue to me from the beginning,If you disagree,There is really no need to waste your valuable time”

Secretary Wang deserves to be an old world,He saw that Chen Jiang was not coming,He has nothing to consider。So what does he want to say,Just say anything。
Hu Huiru’s face is very ugly,She smiled bitterly and said:“Is the business negotiated slowly??Since you Donglin Township is not regressing in this matter,I see this…”
“It doesn’t matter!But have you ever thought,Today’s matter will be reported in the newspaper tomorrow morning,What are the consequences?”Secretary Wang also forced Hu Huiru。Although he is a little older,But he sees it very clearly。
Hu Huiru can confidently sign with him,This shows that someone has given her a guarantee,Now the situation has changed,Did Hu Huiru just retreat like this??Who will take care of this?
Hu Huiru’s face became very ugly,She suddenly bit her teeth and said:“Sign it!Donglin Township holds 51 of 100 shares”
Secretary Wang,Shouted loudly:“Listen up everyone,The signing ceremony of Dongsheng Group and Donglin Township will begin soon,Donglin Township is the largest shareholder,51% of the shares”
Qin Xiaomin,Smile on my face。She took a breath,The whole body leaned on the chair。too difficult,It’s so hard to do one thing well。On this matter,I don’t know how much effort it took。
Dongsheng Group is really strong,Bring the printer on the spot,As soon as the drafted contract comes out,Confirmed by both parties,Correct the places that need to be changed。
Liu Zimin at this time,Played his role,He read the entire contract verbatim,After thinking that there is nothing wrong,It was handed over to Secretary Wang。When Secretary Wang signed his name,He also pressed down the seal of the Donglin Township Cooperative。
For this matter,Hu Huiru is much more free and easy,She didn’t even look at the contract,After signing his name,So let the assistant put the seal of the group,Only then did she reluctantly hand it over to Secretary Wang。
Next is the photo ceremony,Because Chen Jiang left midway,This main seat was left to Qin Xiaomin。As deputy mayor,Why doesn’t she sit?When the camera sounds,People standing here,The smile on the face is different。
Secretary Wang has been waiting for everyone to finish,Only then rushed to Qin Xiaomin and his side,He whispered:“Thank you Vice Mayor Qin,Thanks to you for this today”
“no need to thank me,Are the result of your own hard work”Qin Xiaomin smiled and said。
In the parking lot downstairs,Qin Xiaomin just ran into Bai Xiaoru who hadn’t left yet,The two said hello。Qin Xiaomin saw no one around,He lowered his voice and asked:“You came here in time today!Did you know it beforehand??”
“Ok!The day Xia Jian was quarantined,He sent me a message,Let me follow Dongsheng Group secretly,I didn’t expect him to do this”Bai Xiaoru whispered。
Qin Xiaomin,Can’t help but be surprised。This Xia Jian is really amazing,He even thought of this。It seems he already knows,Why was I isolated and investigated?。