Has been going to several times,Light car mats。

Waiting patiently after arriving in advance,Notification to the female assistant is collected in the decoration styleceoIn the office。
Gates or the Gates,Just after the last month, I have just finished the 30th birthday.,Pair of eyes,Look very young。
He still remembers the representative of these two financing party,After meeting, I laughed and said.:“I have just met in the morning.,Mr. Wilson, Goldman Sachs、Mr. Heim is right?,I remember that I have already told you.,The list of financing has been finalized.。”
Twenty-year-old boy named Heim,This moment is in a hurry:
“I am sorry to bother you.,However, we have brought better cooperation programs this time.,Our principal is willing to premium 10%,And give up the decision-making power of the financing shares,Commitment does not interfere with your company’s development。
I want to finance the listing.,Will you dilute your shares??No one wants to be bothered by investors,This principal is very sincere,Let’s also want to give higher quotes,He is willing to take out one million dollars,Changed to Microsoft this 100% increased shares。”
“Surely sincere。”
Doing business is nothing more than buying,Suddenly more than one million dollars,It is beneficial to shareholders including Gates.,Equal to earn seven digits in white。
Gats light knocking desk,A human animal, mysterious,Ask:“Your principal,Commitment to abandon decision-making power?Ok,In fact, I didn’t remember the information before.,Which company is this mysterious entrust?。”
“Alan in San Francisco·List,He is very young,Business head is amazing,As far as I know, he recently passed the private equity fund company.,Ear earned tens of millions of dollars,It is very famous in the San Francisco Financial Circle,In addition, he still has a transnational trading company.。”
Talking is Gundain Wilson,Come over, Chen Linzhi talks about business,Naturally, it is impossible to ask him three.,And an old aspect of Asian,Make more yen and rich,In the San Francisco Financial Small Circle in Tibetan,Chen Linzhi’s deeds have long known。
He is vague。
So the Bill in front of them·Gates,It is similar to those of Chen Linzhi and his usual exposure to those fund managers.,Responsible for helping customers manage assets,Profit anti-push funding scale,Thought is a good cooperation object。
According to common sense,Gates didn’t think of Chen Linzhi’s private equity fund only for his personal investment.,And use the money crazy fundraising to add the lever。
Wilson and Heim are standing in Chen Linzhi.,I am eager to complete this single business.,Speaking of the words to report, do not report,It is recommended to recommend more Chen Linzhi to cooperate with Microsoft to complete this financing.。
Now Microsoft,Profit less overhead,Rely onibPersonal computer provides operating system to make money,Combined with personal computers in small products,Sales poor status,Coupled with the employment of a large number of technicians to develop the next generation of personal computer graphical interface operating system,Single financial statement analysis,Companies can not rise up to 90 million dollars。
So companies trying to financing companies,In fact, there are not many quantities.,Mainly, it is also willing to gamble in Microsoft.,At present, PC is still rare.,The people who will use are extremely rare,The simple function is destined to have a limited market scale.,Only if necessary, the business will be willing to pay。
Gates is not clear“Allen·List”,Why do you look at your company?,Also take the initiative to increase our quotation,But this number is sincere。
Before the financing,He is planning to be estimated between $ 50 million to 60 million US dollars.,Is his partner Paul·Allen persuaded him to increase valuation,So from the next listing plan。
One time,Gates is quite heart,Just just selected intentional financing party,Not officially finalized list of financing,So I asked some of the San Francisco Union、About Chen Linzhi。
The accident learned that Chen Linzhi is magical.,Whoicers started in just half a year,It accumulates your own price than Gates yourself.。
Gates is so curious about Chen Linzhi,Take the initiative to take a time to see one side
“what?About me to eat?”
Chen Linzhi learned the news by phone,Quite excited between a moment,Subsequently, Gates is not the Gates who dominates the world’s richestant.,He is only very calm。
Mr. Smith of the phone,Tell him:
“Be right,Time is scheduled next Monday night,Microsoft’s CEO and founder personally come over,goibThe company has passed San Francisco during the way,I suggest you prepare it.。
If you are not interested in your quotation,He doesn’t have to ask you personally.,I think this is a good news.,As long as you meet the process,Your entrustment should have hope to complete,How do I go with you?,certainly,It depends on your own will”
NS194chapter Drill
Gates take the initiative to talk about financing,Chen Linzhi was stupid to refuse。
Customize the restaurant in advance,Old Seafood Restaurants in San Franciscotadich grill,This restaurant has more than 100 years of history,He has been to Danya Tasia.。
The grade is not high,But full of western style,Elderly Restaurants in California,It is also one of the oldest restaurants in the United States.,More distinctive。
A big money in private equity fund account。
Chen Linzhi in advance in Singapore、Hong Kong City、Cayman Islands and other places to register multiple accounts, respectively,It is to earn money but don’t stay in the United States.,Greating profits through the old accounting firm。