NS175chapter:Is Qin Ning’s arrangement?
Gu Xihong and Gu Yi,There is also Gu Ai’an and chased it out.。
Gu Xihong:“Dream,What happened??Recently your mother and child,It seems to be something,Yi Lin’s attitude towards you,Very cold?”
Gu Xihong has some headache,The company is a lot of pile every day.,It is also a pile of headaches.。
If his lovely blue is still,I will make him happy.,Let him forget all the troubles。
He shook his head,I don’t want anything now.,May be a big,He is more thoughating her daughter.。
Lin Dami looked at him,Shake the shaking head,“fine,go home!”
Gu Yi goes to take the car,Lin Dami went to Gu Anan,Watching Gu An’an,Ask:“Anan,You tell me,All this tonight,Is Qin Ning’s arrangement??”
Gu Xihong heard the frown on the side。
Gu Anan knows that his mother has already seen it.,But in front of Dad,She absolutely can’t recognize。
She is uneasy biting her lips,Whisper answer:“Mother,I don’t know what is going on.?After waking up,Everything happened。”
Lin Dami listened,Eyebrows look at her,I don’t believe in what she said.。
“Anan,I hope that you can secure,Do your good guy,Everything you want, I will give you,But if you are behind, what should I don’t move?,Don’t blame your mother you are welcome.。”
She doesn’t want to raise a white wolf.,She has always been severe to this daughter,This daughter,There is no intelligence of her imagination.,It’s quite a ghostatic eye.。
“Dream,How can you talk to Anan??”Gu Xincheng knows his wife to talk straight,Can be straightforward,Airtight。
Lin Dami looked at him,Tone:“Don’t take this thing,I will handle it.!”
Gu Xihong shook his head helplessly,Quite a headache:“it is good,it is good,I do not care,I can’t do it.。”
He concentrates on looking for a daughter.!
I looked at my son.,He went to the car in diameter。
Lin Damai looked at the Anan,The sound said no feelings.:“Let it go,Go back and say。”
Gu An An, nodded,Face is ugly followed by her。
Qin Ning has returned to home all the way.,Tonight happened,Let her don’t work hard,Why is Xiaokai?,at this point,It is certain that Lu Haocheng can’t take it off.。
Her ideal daughter-in-law,Can not be a person like Gu Anan?。
Can have Lu Wei,She is not good,She can only sleep with a belly,Sleeple sleep overnight。
Blue Xin,In the hotel,After changing the clothes,Just sit in the room, etc. Lu Hao Cheng,What is between Lu Haokai and Gu Anan,She doesn’t know。
so,This night,She sleeps very well,Sleep, sleep。
the next day,She is refreshing to work.,I found that Lu Hao Cheng and Mu Zizheng are not。
When you have lunch,Ou Jing, telling her,Fan City Branch,Mu Zihao and Lu Hao Cheng have come in the past。
Gu Anan and Lu Haokai,Although I have not been reported。
But the famous WeChat group,I have been passing this matter,Unbearable video,It was passed to the group,Gu Anan see these videos,Very uneasy。
Lu Haokai was recognized.,She is not recognized,Everyone is talking about Lu Haokai’s woman.?
But Gu Anan knows,That woman is her,Not long,Will be guessed。
NS176chapter:Then I will come here again.