The intercom signal comes in,He press answer,The voice of the assistant came across:“Manager,The Dragon King brought the team over,Estimated to be in Qingluo Bay in five minutes!”
“You lead people to chase them at the intersection,Procrastinate for ten minutes!”
“Nothing but,Don’t kill Chen Xiu this time,No chance anymore!”
Zhang Shuping turned off the intercom,Suddenly a gunshot,I saw blood sprayed out of the forehead of a man next to me,Splashed all over his face,Everyone fell to the ground。
“Report location!”Zhang Shuping crawled on the ground and shouted。
One of his subordinates quietly carried the night vision goggles from his waist,Look in the direction where the bullet came。
“I saw him,Three o’clock,Inside the 34-meter grass!”
“A team of screens,Second team left outflanking,Three teams outflank!”
More than a dozenAKQi Qi swept towards Chen Xiu’s hiding place,The place where he hides is a low-pitched puddle,Although the bullet can’t hit him directly,But the stone splashed up to the front hit the face,It also made him feel pain。
“I can’t help if you don’t distract,I can break them one by one!”
Chen Xiu rolled out of the puddle,Simultaneous listening,Without seeing,Directly operate the team on the left to outflank it is a shot,I just turned a gunman,I was so scared that all the two teams were crawling on the ground again。
Take advantage of this gap,Chen Xiu got up quickly and ran towards the back。
Zhang Shuping couldn’t hear the gunshots. It took a while before they dared to raise their heads.,I saw Chen Xiu disappeared into the coconut grove at once。
“Manager,This kid ran too fast!”
Zhang Shuping picked up the intercom and shouted:“People outside,All round to the southeast of the coconut forest to block!”