Xiaoye Jiao has some scratches on his body,Its current scales can’t be compared with the iron-hard skin of the little black dragon,With just a single stroke, the blood may surge immediately。

Zhu Minglang just watched silently。
Ono Jiao is stronger than the phenomenon,I have scars but I don’t call for help,Insist on defeating this lizard water monster with your own strength。
Lizard is performing black magic,It spit out a kind of saliva mucus from its mouth,This slime makes Xiaoye Jiao slow down。
but,Xiaoye Jiao also knows how to control water,Swept its tail,Rolled up the water in the mud pool,Turned into a turbulent mud wave,Slapped at the 400-year-old lizard monster。
Nervousness,After all it is too young,Not high minded。
But it is very smart。
Ono Jiao is constantly imitating and learning the fighting skills of other dragons。
Especially Li Shaoying’s adult black dragon。
Xiaoye Jiao is learning the methods of black Jiao,Defensive posture,Still offensive,Xiaoye Jiao is learning。
It seems to know that these dragons,Hei Jiao is of the same race as him,Some fighting skills it can display,You can also……
Zhu Minglang originally wanted to tell the weakness of the little black dragon lizard water monster,And instruct it how to deal with this demon spirit,But found that Xiaoye Jiao had a nervous response from the beginning,To slowly become proficient,Then you can play with the lizard water monster,It seems to have grown a lot。