finally,They came to Xia’s body,and,They pass through the body,Put the blood volume of 蔚 狠,Also directly banned on the spot。

Then,After will be obstructed,Directly raised the blade in his hand。
Along with her steady movement,The colorful feather blade above her blooms out of the lightweight light.。
And after these lights,A sharp blade,It is also directly piercing into the body.,Put her blood volume。
The movement of the cloud still has no pause,She needs to do now,It is also the only thing that can do only one.。
Is to deal with this 蔚 in front of you。
After pulling a flatALater,Directly,Gently sound again。
Along with her body,Underneath,There have been two winds that are almost simultaneously shot.。
These two feather blades,Directly dripping the body,Retreating his blood again。
As for the front battlefield,After the shrinks continue to control,Naturally, no one can connect to the control.。
ngThis,It is itself to give my teammates as working.,The emperor selected。
If in this case,He can’t pick up your teammates’ control.……That all don’t use others.,He can spray himself。
Xia’s control is about to end,The emperor has handed over his own flash.,Close to yourself and the front battlefield。
And after this flash,A military flag suddenly appearedSKTThree people behind。
Follows,It is the emperor’s sudden raise hand in the middle of the sky.,Then resolutely the action of the front stamp。
Along with his movement,The emperor’s body is still close toSKTFront three people。
finally,He arrived at his goal,willSKTThe three people have tried to fly。
Then,At the moment of flying,The emperor handed over his own tricks.,Continue to control and output。
have to say,IGThis wave of team fight,The whole thing that can be said is seamless,SKTAlmost no space。
Full set of hurt,It’s impossible to call the earth.。
Sierras in this setboLater,Directly being emptied。
Buron is also almost,Even if I have opened my own shield,Also by Schindra, I was subsered to empty the blood.。
As about Casa,have to sayteddyThis person’s operations and consciousness is still good。
In this case,She didn’t have a panicked to run around,Or the same direct flight like a wisdomIGBack row。
She made a most robust choice,DirectIGThe most in front of the crowd。
It is precisely becauseteddyThis decision,LetSKTDid not get one by one0Change4or0Change5the result of。
Switz arrived later,SKTMost flesh horses,It was then subsequently emptied。
after this,Casha directly opened his own big trick,Flying to the back of the residual blood to prepare the rock,Forced to change the Luo。
finally,IGIn this wave of group,A wave1Change5Perfect result。
Xiairo will not die,Wei has been shipped, the skill is not harmed.,And there is no teammate to keep up with her。
In this case,How can she change it??
Faced with such a wave of perfect results,IGEveryone is not excited yet.,The unfoliors on the unfoliors have been completely pressing their own mood.。
“This wave!IGIt’s too good to play.,SKTWant to take advantage oftheshyNot in,Directly open a wave of change in the situation。”
“result,They have failed to handle this wave of war,Instead of beingIGFound opportunities,Into a wave1Change5Perfect group battle,This is too exaggerated.。”
The voice of the doll is more excited.,Just as he is in this time, it is generally full of waves.,Miller, on the side, excited。
“Yes,This wave group battle,It should beSKTA wave of challenge,butIGHard students gave this opportunity to him clean,LetSKTNot winning all over。”
“Main them this wave of operation is great.,faceSKTOpening group,qgThe processing is really perfect.。”
Miller finished,The baby grows up.,This is only connected to the head.。
“Yes,InSKTFailure to successfully open the group,Under their entry,IGThis wave of group is too perfect.。”
“Really a perfect group battle,The key control of everyone has continued,willSKTI want to flip the battle battle.。”