Dragon’s saints,Also noticed that the look of Gong Sun,At this time it is shocking,The relationship between the two people,Visible。

So in the sleeve,Unlike the acupoints of Gong Sun,At the same time, I also play my eyes to the surrounding dragon.,Be careful……
Although the gossites can not act,But you can already speak,After the people who worship, the big:“Give me up!”
Fan Yishen and others called their head to see Gong Sun,Take a look at 千,I don’t know how it is good for a moment.。
And Gong Sun has been pointed to 千 大 大:““Happen,You are still coming back.?I still have a face to see me.?”
Gongshu green,I am busy forward to advise,But by Fan Yisheng,Didn’t let her too close to the god dragon。
“Aforehen!Mom, she is not dead.,We are hard to reunite,You are alive,Ask her to forgive you.!”Gongsun green, I don’t know a lot of bad things.,I will see my mother and I am alive.,Nature is no matter from 3721,Can make your parents and good。
certainly,This idea is definitely innocent.……
“Ask her forgive?Forgive……Forgive her to play me into the flowers?Forgive her to solve the drug in the cream,Let me know、I don’t accept it.?”Gong Sun is naturally pushed to the wrong body。
“and、And she still force me blade……Handle, a person I beloved,did you know?”Gong Sun is angry。
Green,Anxious tears:“Daughter knows,That is soft……But……”
Gong Sun has been there for more than ten years without hearing people to mention this name.,At this time, you can’t help but change.,Look up to the sky,Muttered:“good,Be soft!”Talking about tough raising hands,Point to 千,Disgust:“This is this kind of poisonous monk,Forced me to kill my soft!”
Gong Sun said,Face is getting more and more screaming,From time to time but flashes soft color,Gently call:“Fierce……Fierce……”
It can be seen that he is,It should be indeed from killing that,I have to set my mind to revenge.。
“桀桀 桀桀,Your animal,Really think about your softness?How can I look at the demon girl in Shenlong??Nothing is your ancestral《Burning》,Every nine years will want to fire a lot of time.?You met me twenty-seven years ago.,I found the monk before 18 years ago.,Who is looking for nine years ago??”千 尺 directly called。
Gongsun green is also surprised to look at the mother,She is also just knowing this kind of thing,Even disciples such as Fan Yen,At this time, it also exposed some amazing.,What do you recall one by one?……
Chu Deirers are also understanding this,Why is Gong Sun to stop more than ten years?,I have always been clear,Suddenly, I didn’t seem to hit the evil.。
Gongsun family《Burning》Original is a male,Gong Sun does not have a son,Gongsun green is not taught,And Fan Yi Weng’s surnamed disciples,Touched《Burning》,Not the full version。
Therefore, they are affected,Not so big。
Let’s take an occasional,Up to it is just a period of time,Once the Gong Sun is so attempted,《Burning》Will scatter days,And abolished a lot of life,“Clockwork”Various powers,Will dissipate to nine years“Burning”Later,Can recover。
Two, this nine-year burning,Other disciples,Minding effect,Not so obvious。
However, they fleate the calculation in their hearts.,Can also recall,I really have this period.,Just differences between intervals and violent。
And more careful,There are also a woman in nine years.,Later, I left the gods.……
Gong Sun is so angry that:“婢!You also match and soft?And you、Just just the practice,My soft is to love with me.!”
Where is the ruler to bear this irritation?
Puff puff——
I saw a thousand feet.,Three scattered black jujube nuclear nails,Directly、The faintness also taking into account the gods of the gods to stop!
Shenlong saints eat a shock,No one will specialize in this kind of triss,It is inevitable that the reaction is slow.。
Although it is also immediately,White sleeves will pull the Gong Sun back,Another sleeve to block this jujube nuclear nail,However, it is still slow.、The real drums are three points……
Originally with martial arts,If it is a preparation,Gongsun stopped in her hands,Even if you don’t add preparation,I can’t hurt myself.,But to protect the side,Relentless one step。
She pulls between her,Make Gong Sun to escape one,Another sleeve also shocked one,However, the true gas in the sleeves also spread a lot.,Third jujube nuclear nail,I penetrated her snow-white sleeves.,Nail in the right eye!
Gong Sun is called,The blood flow is as follows……
“Kill her!Help me kill her!Who killed this monk,After the venue, he is looking for him.!”Gong Sun is on the hand、Another finger is a thousand feet。