The pedestrians around you are also dumbfounded,Many people know the identity of this Gandis,However, these pedestrians don’t talk,Have a hurry,I am afraid of provoking the body.。

“My money is not good.。”Dongxing smiled and came to Gandis’s body.:“You are not qualified to let me kneel,Are you affordable??”
The arms of arms in the distance is stupid,He was scared,It’s a big boss that shouted to your own.,But I don’t think this is so awkward.,Directly kill him。
“come over!”
The voice of Dongxing cold。
Can’t stand the brunette,He trembled his body to Dongxing’s side.,He follows a few people behind him.,Come to Dongxing directly,I am afraid that Dongxing has killed him.。
“Go back to tell you the president of this,Don’t provoke us,Otherwise he has a good look。”Dongxing is cold and staring at the bald road。
“Yes,Yes!”Crawling bald。
“roll!”Dongxing took this roll on the ground in one foot,The arrow is rolling a few times.,I am talking about running up and running.,Those who are shocked by Lin Feng also climbed up.。
Then the end of Dongxing came to Lin Feng and others.。
“Lin Big Brother,You still leave here.。”At this time, Ming Yuan suddenly opened the mouth.:“The people of the evil beloved will not give up。”
“Not,First send us back to the hotel.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“I am also thinking about talking to the president of the godcomb.。”
Ming Wong said helplessly nodded,She saw that Feng Kun’s big brother is not a good kind,Otherwise, there will be no such a spicy hand.。
I immediately sent Lin Feng and others came to Xinshan International Hotel to eat.,After eating, Ming Yuan leaves,Feng Kun parents also rest。
Lealing only Lin Feng and others in the living room。
“Xiao Kun,Your girlfriend is good。”Lin Feng ignited a smoke and looked at Feng Kun Road.。
“broke up。”Feng Kun laughs:“Moreover,People are daughters of directure,Take the Diner can’t see my foreign poor boy。”
“Can’t see you?You marry his daughter,Is his pleasure。”Lin Fengboxao:“do not worry,As long as you have two people,Qinglong Chamber of Commerce strongly support。”
“Big brother,Real estate。”Feng Kun Road。
“Your sister,You are really a silly bird,I don’t help it.,This woman is very positive,If you don’t have you in your heart,Today, I will come to the airport.。”Huang Yu took a word。
“Yes,Xiao Kun,You are too don’t have it.。”Dongxing laughs:“Your current identity is different,Is a member of our Chamber of Commerce,There is a big gang behind,What is the qualification of him to see you?。”
“Dongxing,Is the information found clear??”Lin Feng looked at the East。
“checked,The forces of the evil Buddha will be distributed in this thirteen state,Every state has a branch president,The power of the division has the power of the martial art,As for the president being seriously injured,It is a strong person who is cultivated by the realm of the Universities.,The president of these bodies is now in his seat.。”Dongxing explained:“The people of Shenlong will also want to take the opportunity to destroy the evil spirits.,Take the dominant position in the Underground World in Malaysia。”
“Shenlong will?”Lin Feng Road:“Shenlong will have a few more?”
“Be less than 10%,Because the dragon will be too weak now.,There is only one halfway universal.,Even the martial arts are gone.,This semi-step strength is also hurt.,Not injuring light,Only 50% of the combat power。”Dongxing explained:“This person is good at using a knife,Four Fu Xue。”
“Fu Xuexue!”
“You said his name is Fu Xuexue?”This time, Feng Kun’s madness。
“You know this person?”Dongxing is surprisingly watching Feng Kun。
“I know,This person is Ming Yuan’s father。”Feng Kun hurriedly。
“impossible。”Dongxing Wen said:“I have access to information,This Buddha’s directory is not Fu Xuexue,His name is Li Wei。”
“The directory of Fostein is called Li Wei.,It is also a father of Mingyuan,But I have a true name of his father from Ming Gong, Fu Xuexue.,Li Wei is just his name.。”Feng Kun explained:“Ming Yuan’s surname with her mother。”
“so it is。”Lin Feng heard the words:“I really don’t think he has such an identity.,Catcher,Shenlonghui president,Dongxing said the information of Fu Xuexue。”
“OK,Fu Xuexue is the president of Shenlong.,Malaysian Chinese leader,Be good at using a knife,It is because of this person’s existence,Chinese can have a place in Malaysia,But the current Shenlong will be the weakest.。”Dongxing explained。
“Li Yu’s identity?”Lin Feng asked again。
“Li Yizhen is the Chairman of the Malaysian Chinese Party,Last year, it was elected as the directory of Findo.。”Dongxing explained。
“So to say,The Chinese Party should have a direct relationship with Shenlong.。”Lin Feng pensive:“The power of the Shenlong will be too weak.,I want to take the opportunity to eradicate the evil Buddha will be almost impossible.。”
“Very weak,But if they don’t take the opportunity,I am afraid that they will die for a few years.。”Dongxing explained:“Several young people in the villain branch,Various talents,You said that after three or five years,These people are in a semi-step hierarchy,What is that??”