hang up the phone,Ye Fengchun is ready。

And Gong Hongyu is more ready to prepare fake wine.。
Everything is waiting at night business hours。
But at this time, Jin Xijie has already frowned.。
Although people under the hand did not find any abnormalities。
But he believes that Li will not trust the river with the wind.。
“Do you still have other discovery??”
“Forehead,Other findings are not.,Just, some acquaintances didn’t seem there.,But listening to Gong Hongyu says those people to protect our engineering teams.。”
That is to say, the bar is basically even in our eyes.?”
This news makes Jin Xijie feel annoyed。
“Forehead,Boss,Gong Hongyu is not our own belief?,And I feel that there is no eyeline,He is worth trustworthy。”
Jin Xijie heard this,Directly lying on the bed must jump。
“Trusted a fart,You quickly gave me people’s hands,Tonight, the bar is not open.,Just say that I am discharged to open again,There is also everything inside, you are not allowed to move.。”
“Heard no?”
Looking at Jin Xijan’s angry,What is the younger brother beside him?,I can only pose my head.。
“Not going back!”
See the back of the other party,Jin Xijie knows that this thing may have participated in this younger brother.。
He immediately called Nie Yang.。
“Hey,Nie brother,Hurry and call the horse to put the bar.,If you encounter the younger brother around me,If he dares to mess,Just scrapped him。”
Jin Xijie said this,Also biting teeth。
His hate is betrayal,But I didn’t expect that someone now dared to betray him.。
How can this endure?。
Nie Yang heard the words of Jin Xijie,It’s also stunned.。
“Row,But why suddenly wants to seal the bar.,If I haven’t remembered, then I should be Gong Hongyu management.?”
For Gong Hongyu Nie Yue, it is still very good。
Especially Gong Hongyu, I also called him a call.,This proves that the other party is still very respectful in his heart.。
This makes him instinctively don’t want to clean up Gong Hongyu.。
Before Jin Xijie cleaned up those brothers,He is opposed。
But this time,His heart is somewhat。
“Gong Hongyu should have betrayed,You are careful,Don’t be bold behind him.,I can’t discharge in the hospital now.,But you’d better hurry,I am afraid that the bar is really problematic.。”
How do you know that Gong Hongyu has been betrayed??”
Jin Xijie’s words made Nie Yang directly.。
He didn’t think that Gong Hongyu would betray。
“It is the boss of Li.,He has enough evidence,When you ask Li Boss directly。”
“Boss Li told you?”
Nie Yang is a bit surprised。
After all, Li is talking to him.,Just talk to the Liandi Hall,But there is no talk about the bar.。