“What?Before it was let me?”Zhang Song Qidao。

In the game,Songzi finally got a good position with the sniper rifle,Appeared in the distance‘Deception’The figure of this demon。
Songzi held his breath,Open the sight magnifier,The silhouette of the enemy is reflected in it,Familiar、The bloodthirsty feeling is back……Zhang Song’s hand pulled the trigger。
Prelude-newborn chapter Ten Codex Horror
“Goodbye,friend!”Zhang Song pulls the trigger to bid farewell to his opponent。
There were four rapid and crisp gunshots in the distance,A corpse fell from the sniper platform。
“Five-seveN!Pistol kill,beautiful,Almost use the extreme range of the pistol to hit the long-ambush sniper!”Internet cafe owner jumped up,He has never seen anyone who can put the gun of glory like a chicken rib“57”Type pistol to such a point。
of course,Except one person,His brief appearance,Make it impossible to remember the exact name,I just vaguely remember that there was a game many years ago,The young ace Xu Tian was used by that manFive-seveNHit three shots。
“Rely on!Is this person sick?!I used a submachine gun to hit close,He used a sniper rifle,Laozi shot the distance with a sniper rifle,He just pistol!”Zhang Song is very angry,The most hateful thing is that the other side is obviously teasing him,He can’t beat。
“Give up?”Lu Yiwen。
“Not admit defeat,I said I must kill you once today!”Zhang Song said stubbornly,This is the ultimate expression of not admitting defeat。
Lu Yi helpless,I’m tired after playing the game for a while,The unforgiving guy opposite,Let him find a chance。
A few more rounds,Zhang Song’s sweat left from his head,At this moment his hands are a little numb,Red eyes,He saw after the gray screen again,The results on the data list have come42:0,He was completely blown up by this passerby classmate who he originally despised!The gap between them,How big is it?Is it the gap between ordinary people and professional players??He has never played against a professional player,But the person in front of him is already the ceiling he has seen,If you let him describe the professional level,This person is infinitely close。
“Come on, Brother Song!”
“Come on!Little fellow!”