Chen Yueqin immediately understood what the child meant,She hurriedly changed her words and asked:“What do you want to eat?Grandma do it for you,Let’s go now”

Chen Yueqin’s trick really works,The child stood up immediately,Take Chen Yueqin’s hand and leave。This scene made Yao Chunni cry again。
Chen Yueqin holds the child’s toy,Two people went to the kitchen together。Yao Chunni quietly followed in from behind。
Wang Degui sighed and said:“The baby was brought by grandma,There is currently rejection of Chunni。But it will get better, After all, there is a process。
After the meal is ready,The family sat at the table。Chen Yueqin patiently advised her children to eat,After two bites,He did it himself。It seems that Chen Yueqin’s cooking suits his appetite。
Wang Degui laughed so hard that he could not close his mouth,He smiled and said:“From today,Our grandson’s nickname is Longlong,My name is Zhao Xiaolong。I’ll go and register him in two days”
“I’m not Xiaolong,My name is Longlong”Kids eating,I couldn’t help but mumble。
Listen to Wang Degui,Haha laughed:“it is good!Our grandson is called Longlong,Not called Xiaolong”The whole family laughed,I am so happy to have this meal。There are old people,Having a child is very important。
Wang Youcai was going back to Chenzhuang,But my son just arrived home,He was too embarrassed to go。So throughout the afternoon,Almost the whole family is turning around。
Okay,The kid gets used to it slowly。At dinner,Actually called grandpa,This pleased Wang Degui,Tears almost came out。
It may be that Wang Youcai beat him in the car,So he just talked to Chen Yueqin,Don’t pay much attention to Yao Chunni,This makes Yao Chunni very sad。
Had dinner,Yao Chunni went to clean up the kitchen。Long Long playing,Fell asleep in Sun Yueqin’s arms。Chen Yueqin took a breath and said:“Children can’t sleep with me,You still hug her mother’s bed。Even crying,Don’t care。Their feelings have to be cultivated slowly,Otherwise it will become more and more rusty”
“Ok!Your words are on the point,Youcai hurry up,Let him sleep well,Don’t let the child catch cold”Wang Degui said with a happy face。
Wang Youcai jumped off the kang,Picked up Longlong and went to Yao Chunni’s room。He is holding his son for the first time,He feels rusty。Such a situation,He won’t even think about it。
He just put Longlong on the bed,Yao Chunni has returned from the kitchen。She lowered her voice and said:“Go to sleep!Leave it to me here”
“My mom said,I have to prepare a urinal for the child,Prepare some snacks afterwards,And toys。In the middle of the night he wakes up and makes trouble with you”Wang Youcai turned around after speaking。