“Landscape,you”The general trembling of the people,Litely glanced over Blue Xin,Take Gu Anan。

Ou Jing, looked at Blue Xin,Sudden attitude,Laughing:“Blue Xin,Where are you going?”
Blue Xin smiled sorry:“European secretary,I want to go to the bathroom,Feel sorry!”
Blue Xin finished,Leave。
Ou Jingzhen smiled,Looking at the back of Blue Xin,Slightly,
Low-key,You will be more robust than one,High-profile,You will be more excellent once。
Blue Xin is the low-key man,High-profile person。
Despotful,Can calmly,Confidentiality,She lives a wonderful!
but,He is still something today。
He looked at the direction of Blue Xin.,Hook the lips,Turn around,Slender figure,Elegant departure。
He just went out,Lu Hao Cheng and Blue Erjun are just coming over。
Just no one is looking for!
When Lan Xin came from the bathroom,Didn’t see Ou Jing。
but,Today, let her know a different Ou Jing.。
For many years,She has formed a habit,improve yourself,Beings,As long as you have strength,Where,Can talk back。
European,I am actually laughing today.。
It’s a rare!
“Mother,I have been going to the toilet for a long time.。”Blue 梓 俊 can’t wait for mom,Chao Chengcheng chased it。
Lu Haocheng looked at her。
That is like,Rather than saying more,Lan Xin, are you constipation??
Blue Xin looked at his eyes,Slightly。
She said:“Feel sorry,Just encountered a little bit,Delay。”
“whats the matter?”Lu Haozheng asked。
Just now, he and Xiao Jun have been put into investment.,After bought a toy,I found that the blue is not coming back.。
“fine!Continental,Let’s go back first.!”Blue Xin is a little deficiency,She can’t get rid of Lu Haozheng,Can only hide him。
Lu Hao Cheng listened,Cold face,I am very strange to see the outside of an eye.,She just met who was?
“no,Blue,You promised,Let Xiaojun have dinner with me.,Dinner,You go back again.!” He overbearing tone,Unrestrained。
Profound gaze,Look at her little face。
No matter who she has just met,His dinner tonight,Will eat with their mother and child。
Today, he knows them a day.,He is very happy,Be sure to share with them。
once,Because Qin Ning’s intervention,He lost his pro,Indirect lost blue。
now,she is back,Also brought back a big surprise to him!