“Loath,I’ll give you your money in accordance with the shares held by companies in Korea,Let your freedom to develop,But once they left,We do not have anything to talk to Han,I’m afraid you will have been suppressed。”

“All right,Now vote on it,I do not want to go out like,I went to the outside and then told you about other things。”
South Korea’s reasonable words,Let Father aside completely sit still。
“reasonable,Let’s Han really has come to the moment of life and death?”
The face of the Father,Han reasonable wry smile:“dad,This is true,Otherwise I would not make such a decision ah,And I tell the truth,Leaving is the best way to preserve Han,I do not want to leave with is give it a go,What we can not be successful and I am not quite sure。”
“In fact, the very beginning I think I quit Han,Han is to avoid crisis,But now it seems,The other is not directed at me,But directed at Han’s house。”
When I said this,Han is a look of dignified reasonable,After all, he knew Chen’s influence in the empire,Chen also knew the powerful Arctic,A young age have so many listed companies is not accidental,Which means with the mind and certainly superior。
He has a lifetime of struggle,I never thought would allow him to fight again in the face of business this time。
But also the most dangerous time。
Han reasonable hear say,Reasonable Korea had also wanted to live and die together with Han people are some retreat。
After all, few people ruin this kind of thing can accept the。
“Ok,Since you are saying so we also decided to look at it,Willing to stay hears a reasonable,After all, Han could have accounted for the deal today he。”
For these words of Father,Everyone is no objection。
Because they are also clear, there is no Korean,Han now reached this position is probably highly,Needless to say, with all the magic there is a place。
“Big brother,This matter can not only contribute,Then take away the money for the boy with a woman?”
Han reasonable heard this with a smile:“Can,But Han pharmaceutical factory,The shares of clothing brands You need to pay,Or may not pay out,But when once the bankruptcy is not worth the time,At that time I was not allowed to ask for money,Can you do it??”
Cooperation nine hundred and seventeenth chapter acres medicine field
South Korea plans to eventually make some reasonable in the,Han people basically take some of the money choose to find another job。
Originally most of them are also working in Han,Work is work out,Basically no different。
For those of senior Han,Basically still,He did not choose to leave,They still have a bit confidence in Han.。
If it fails,Most of it is lost Shares,And those shares are also beginning to give them reasonable Korea。
If Han is winning,So after Han is definitely soar。
Tian Han said that the medicine does not supply their own home medicine use,It is sold to other pharmaceutical industry,It is a high income。
Some can not alone make them feel understood that this time whether anyone would dare to boldly cooperation with Han?
After all, so many warnings can breath supplier of people,Background strength can be imagined。
For the person working,Han did not say who is reasonable start to finish,But Han reasonable confidence that looks like,But it is a lot of people a lot of confidence。
Everything is ordered down these words,The next time is crazy Han mobilize internal staff。
Lee Han reasonable way is to make a telephone call with the wind。
Li Hui also thought about what happened to go to Han in the appointment.,Han did not think would actually take the initiative in the fight over the phone to him。
It also made him feel a bit surprised how much。
“Xiao Li,What does the recent busy?”
“Hey-hey,Han Shu,I’m at home the fuss,It is the fruit of various greenhouse vegetables,The rest is not busy.。”
“Haha Han Shu is wanted to ask if you’re free to come to my house guest,After all, the two is also gone for a long time.,There are also things that the hotel takes you explain。”