Now I’m meeting Chen Xiu,How dare he provoke Chen Xiu。

Put aside the influence of the Qin family behind Chen Xiu,Chen Xiu’s combat power alone is abnormally strong,At the time, Brother Gou took more than 20 people with weapons and was beaten down by Chen Xiu to beg for mercy,Don’t tell me you have these cats and dogs。
After Brother Niu, Chen Xiu and the others are no longer interested in drinking and drinking.,Although Wang Zhen and Li Yingying are very curious why this Niu brother is so afraid of Chen Xiu,But he didn’t take the initiative to mention,Two people are not easy to talk。
“Zhen brother,I opened an antique shop on Antique Street,Address I have sent you WeChat……Come over for tea when you have time。”
“to make……correct,I’m a big man and just take a taxi and go home by himself,You send Dame Li back first。”
After watching Wang Zhen get into the taxi,,Chen Xiucai hired another taxi to take Li Yingying home and took the car back to Linjiangju by himself。
Just got home,The phone rang,It turned out to be mom’s phone。
“mom,What happened at home,Call me so late?”
Mom’s phone is still the old phone that my mom bought when she paid for the first month of work.,But the elderly are afraid of expensive calls,It’s not that you don’t want to call for important things。
“Nothing,Do not you worry……Your father and I are in good health,I just want you not to call us for so long,Are you having a bad time in the city?”
Hear mother’s care,Chen Xiu felt guilty,Ever since I was abandoned by Zhao Min’s bitch,I never thought about calling home once a week to report safety,Later, suddenly having the mysterious power of ancient jade is even more busy with antiques.。
“Come back if the city is not doing well……I still have one acre of land,As long as you are willing to contribute,Starving。”