“How could i not know?!”Feng Xichuan was the biggest victim, he died on his own8Times,Close to one-third of the team。

“to be frank,This one called Longan is even more annoying than their previous one called Dragon Fruit!”Guo Yinzhe said what he thought。
“Correct,Dragon fruit is just a sniper after all,And you don’t even know where this longan will appear……”Shunzi has been killed in the corner by Longan many times in this game。
“If only Lu Yi was there……I really don’t know when he and Zhang Song will be back……”Anna Cao whispered。
“Correct!All we can do now is to drag!Desperate drag!To Master Lu and Zhang Song back……”Feng Xichuan knew that his energy could not be sustained until the end of the game,Play in this state,Can only choose to give up the second game strategically,Hope Lu Yi and Zhang Song can come to the game before the start of the third game。
“it is good,Our next time,Non-frontal attack,Just play peekaboo with them,Wait for the next round of Master Lu to come and find a way to come back!”Shunzi agrees。
“This kind of thing,Guo Xiao is the best!”Cao Anna looked at Guo Yinzhe on the side。
“Ha ha……I……I try my best……”Guo Yinzhe helplessly answered。
Everyone in the Huacao team re-emerged,Began to find their hiding place。
Xiao Zhao saw Feng Xichuan running and shaking ahead,Asked with concern:“President Feng,Can you hold on?No, we can just admit defeat……”
“shit!What bullshit are you talking about!There is no such word in Feng Xichuan’s dictionary!”Feng Xichuan immediately retorted。
“but……President you……”
“game!Concentrate on the game!”Feng Xichuan sternly reminded Xiao Zhao。
“Oh……I understand……”Xiao Zhao lowered his head and ran towards a villa,Because just now accidentally,He found that the villa was slightly different in structure from other villas,There is an underground storage room,Just can hide in alone。
“Seaside Villa”map,Belongs to a tiny map,Except for a coastline winding north and south,The villa area in the middle only has16Small and medium villa,Although there are a lot of dark corners,But because the map is too small,Fighting happens almost all the time。
The Oscar team has been tested for more than ten minutes,Already familiar