Fang Fang smiled and said:“I am making an analogy here,For example, she suddenly appeared,But you guys haven’t been together for such a long time,Will you still love her?”

“Your imagination is really rich,Is it possible?But if there is,Maybe I won’t love her anymore,After all we have been apart for too long。During the time he was driving,Maybe we have too many stories on ourselves。No matter how good the sun was yesterday,Can’t dry today’s clothes”Xia Jian said,Raised the glass and took another sip。
Fang Fang didn’t speak anymore,But opened the third bottle of liquor again,Wang Lin glanced at Fang Fang and said:“It’s almost enough to drink,I think everyone is drinking,This bottle won’t fall!”
“Pour on to drink,Tonight’s drink”Xia Jian shook his head and said。
Fang Fang is obedient,Xia Jian let her fall,She lifted the bottle and poured it,A bottle of liquor hit the bottom right away。Xia Jian felt that she was drinking too much。
He stammered,Ask Fang Fang around his tongue:“When will the girl get married?”
Xia Jian and Fang Fang have been together for several years,The joke keeps on,But this is the first time such an intimate title,Not only Fang Fang was surprised,Even Wang Lin was surprised,It seems that Xia Jian really drank too much。
But Wang Lin couldn’t help but feel happy,It’s Xia Jian who has fixed Fang Fang’s relationship with her brother and sister,This makes her one less competitor。
Fang Fang was both happy and sad when Xia Jian called her,Xia Jian finally settled the relationship between them。Xia Jian looked at Fang Fang with drunken eyes,Waiting for Fang Fang’s answer。
Fang Fang lowered his head,I regained my mood and said:“My parents introduced me to a companion,People are nice,Has many advantages。I decided to spend some time with him,If two people can get along, they are ready to end”
“it is good!Can’t be alone”Xia Jian said,Reach out and touch the glass again。Wang Lin poured boiled water into his cup early,These three bottles of liquor,Xia Jian drinks the most,That’s why Wang Lin and Fang Fang were not drunk,If you drink it flat,They both fell long ago,Then I can talk here。
Fang Fang took a breath and said:“Life is like this,Almost done”
“I also think so”Xia Jiangang finished saying this,He slammed down on the table。This is since he drank,This is the first time。
First1247chapter Like in a dream
The moment Xia Jian fell drunk,The hotel door opened,Dragon Ball smiled and walked in。She laughed and said:“You two are too cruel,Really got him drunk?”
“He is not intoxicated,If he doesn’t want to be drunk,Just because we are not rivals at all”Wang Lin laughed,So he and Fang Fang helped Xia Jian up。
Dragon Ball shook his head and said:“I’ll leave him on my back!So drunk,How to go”Dragon Ball said,Bend down。that’s it,Dragon Ball Carrying Xia Jian,Fang Fang and Wang Lin held his long legs one by one。A few people just walked downstairs like this。
The night is like ink,The car stopped at the door of Beishan,Wang Lin whispered to Fang Fang and Dragon Ball:“Get him to bed,Let’s go back to each house!There shouldn’t be any problems”
Fang Fang didn’t speak,But nodded。