Fan:“Correct,Stay in this is useless,You still go back and take a break.,What news is,I first inform you the first time.。”

Shen Yan Xuan shook his head,road:“I can’t sleep back.,Still waiting here.。”
Fang Hao followed:“Morning plane,It’s still early,Not in a hurry。”
“Correct,It’s the same to make a good idea on the plane.。”靳 靳 靳。
Three people refused,The king has not advised,Nodded,Waiting for a few people。
Sudden,Several policemen hurriedly found,Duan Qi followed,A glance,Then take a line of people to go straight:“boss,The police said that you are looking for you to understand the situation.,I brought people.。”
“You are all friends of Song Chengshi.?I am Zheng Tao, the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Xicheng Branch.,No need to nervously,Let’s come over to understand the situation with you.,I hope you cooperate。”
Pull out a document for one person,Good and good。
“no problem,I want to ask, what are you asking?,We must cooperate。”Fan Dynasty flying highway。
“first question,What is the specific thing that the victim hits??”Zheng Tao directly into the top。
Next to the companion tacit pickup,Preparation record。
Fan:“I do not know either,At that time, I also had a commitment to get on the bus.,Just arrived in front of the car,Suddenly walking around,Under the hit,I didn’t care,Until I heard the hurt,I reacted,Turning,Chengzhi has fallen on the ground,Flowing a blood。”
Zheng Tao swept a few people,road:“Who is 靳 骁??Didn’t you see it??”
靳 骁 shakes his head:“I’m,I only take care of the bus at the time.,I didn’t pay attention.。”
Zheng Tao asked:“Is the victim and murderer have hatred??”
Fan fly a few people,King:“And the murderer should not,Undo is a foreigner,Now in Tsinghuaba,Before heaven,No acquaintances locally,But before the case,We have conflict in the Di Hall and people,Higher mouth angle。”
Zheng Tao asked:“Who is conflicting?what is the reason?”
“He called Hu Jingliang,The name is true, I don’t know.,The reason is that he wants to invite us a friend to drink,My friend is not willing……”Wang traffic has been informally,The seedlings have been introduced to Hu Jingliang.。
Zheng Tao’s heart:“Means of,You suspect the murderer is Hu Jingliang?”
“Correct,We only have a conflict with him in the evening.,Just come out from Di,Understanding is hurt by people,The murderer is definitely his sent.,You must check him well。”Shen Yan Xuanzhi。
Zheng Tao Road:“Is there any suspect?,We will check,What is the victim is now??”
“Still rescue,Just now I have already missed the disease notice,The situation is not very good。”Fan Dynasty。
Zheng Tao nodded,I asked a few questions.,Then I left the phone,Take someone。
NS358chapter No results are also a good result
Outside the operating room。
Wang Liu and others continue to wait silently。
Time is a little bit,Until near two o’clock,After four hours,The door of the operating room finally opened,Several doctors came out of her face。
Fan Dynasty fidelit is a doctor he just shouted,Hurry up:“doctor,How is my friend??”
The king is also busy.。
Doctor:“Successful surgery,But the patient’s blood loss is too,Blood pressure is still unstable,There is no danger from life yet,People have turned into the intensive care room,Can you come over?,Just look at his own will.。”
I haven’t waited for a long time to wait a good news.,Fan fly a few people have lost。
King asked:“Can we go see him??”
“icuAllow families to visit after noon every day,Half hour,Other time can only wait outside,I haven’t visited the time now.,Go back early.。”Doctor leaves a sentence,The radio is straight.。