Lin returned to the city temple,Lying on the grass。

I am almost impossible to have a drought from white.,I hope that I will give Xu Erju. I hope that it is right or wrong.。
Another morning,Touch the corpse。
Everyone has come out,Only blind is still sleeping。
瘸子 踉踉 跄跄,Call a sound“blind”,no respond,I watched the face of the blind,Scared jumping out of the city temple,Because it is a scorpion,The speed is not too fast,It’s just a little more than normal.。
“Do you want to lift him??Let’s go back, I have to sleep.。”
“Plague,You go in。”
A group of touched the death of the plague,Unfair,Intracted directly to the last,Obviously don’t want to contaminate the plague。
The plague that touched the corpse is the corpse,Once,Infectious and strong,Have no drug。
Lin rang with black cloth,Go in, pull the blind, put it on the side。
The blind man is the most suitable person who is touched.,A pair of hands never leave on the body,Unfortunately, it is a life in the third year.。
Master Zizi said:
“Go to the servant,Burn the blind man,Otherwise infection, everyone must die。”
Bad arm ran to find a service。
Soon responsible for the Yizhuang Liu Pickle with people.,Overcome:
“Today there is a body,You go to work,I will handle。”
Everyone finally looked after a blind man.,Go to Qi Zhuang。
After people die, it is a corpse.,I can’t blame.。
They touched the corpse,More corpses,The more the blood accumulated in the body,And it is easy to infect the corpse。
So this kind of business most people are orphans,beggar,Otherwise it is a disabled,Others talk about the dead。
On the road, the master is pulling the forest,Cross the way:
“Take a shower in the river this evening.,Go to the heart。”
“Know the master。”
I heard that his master is young when he is young.,Outer number one knife,I don’t know what the reason is broken.,Be a scorpion,In the late year, I started touched the corpse.。
They are separated from Zhuang Zhuang.,Lin longs and looked at the necrhetic house.,Xu Erju’s body is gone,Of course, know where the body is going.,I still have a piece last night.,But can’t call back and continue to lying.!Still need to report as soon as possible。
Moreover, there is no one who has no one-lost body,Not deep correction,Molding mode is shouting:
“Lose the body,Lose the body。”
Responsible for his sergeant heard the voice,Seeing He!,Ask:
“Where is it??Fierce。”
“Xu Erju’s body is gone。”
The servant was reminded that the lattice was still aware of the bodies of Xu Erju.,Two days have not been taken away。
“I lost it.,I am going to register,Don’t be shocked.,Not the first time。”
The servant is going to find their head to register,Lin rang to the door to spit:
“I used to lose my body, I didn’t see the money and sold it.。”