But where does he know,Ning Bei Zhi has fully exposed its strength under satellite monitoring,I can’t hide it anymore。

“it is good。”Ning Bei Zhi said。
Li Dachuan understands,Gave him a deep look,Said:“from now on,Everyone here follows the command of Colonel Ning,Including me。”
Ning Bei Zhi has no courtesy,Take over the command,Arrange for everyone to open up a safe area,Transfer seriously injured people in for treatment。Rope drop,Connect the lower two platforms,The four team leaders of the lower platform are also transferred to the safe area,He brought the Taoist down to the lowest platform to rescue Chen Du。
Chen Du is not dead,He didn’t even lose consciousness,Keep awake。But because of the mutual restraint of attributes,The steel and iron bones in his body are frozen,Body can’t talk。Such as Taoists input heat into his body,Come alive soon,Just like rust,Action appears stiff,It will take a while to recover。
Chen Du restores language function,First sentence:“Two people fell……”
When he was sinking like a weight,He struggles,The headlight swayed with his struggle,Beyond a soldier,Then at the moment when the current suddenly stopped,He didn’t stop,Keep going down,Between lights,I saw two soldiers passing by。Then the violent shaking started,Mountain split,The mountain platforms moved horizontally,He fell directly on the platform that originally existed at the bottom。
that time,He has not been frozen,It’s just that too much water pressure makes it difficult for him to move,Then he saw the silhouettes of the two soldiers who had just passed by hitting the edge of the moving upper platform,drop down,Fell from the edge of the bottom platform that caught him。
He can see one of the faces,Li Dachuan is one of the two players who stayed in Abyss Space,But only half of the face is left,Bullet holes in the other half of the face。
He didn’t say this in front of Rudaoren,Wait for the Taoist to return to the upper platform to practice recovery,He will find out and report to Ning Beizhi。
“Have external forces involved,Most likely the neighboring military。”He gives his own judgment。
“I know。”Ningbei Zhiping Road,“It’s urgent to consider leaving here,I’ll talk about other things after I go back。I’ll send you up。”
“Wait。”Chen Du lowered his voice,“Second uncle,You come in like this,Have you considered the consequences??”
If you want to ask who is the person who knows Ning Bei Zhi best,Yan Hongjun who is not always with him,But Chen Du。
Ningbei Zhizhi has been hidden very deep in recent years,Chen Du doesn’t know too much,But know more than others,After all that year,He made a big noise,It was just cleaned up by Ning Bei Zhi。
In the eyes of outsiders,Although he and Ning Bei Zhi are related,,But it broke,But it’s actually just a way to hide。
Some things are complicated,Those who understand will naturally understand,People who don’t understand say too much and don’t understand。
Chen Du understands Ning Beizhi’s concerns,So always,Apart from getting along in private,At other times, he behaved in line with the picket status of the General Administration。
Ning Beizhi did not answer,Just sighed slightly。
Above the abyss,Trail,Gan Yifan is also sighing。