Blue Xinle,I saw that Mu Ziyu waited outside Lu Haozheng.,She hit a greeting,Go to the elevator。

Lu Hao Cheng also quickly out of the door,And Muzi Ho to another elevator to go。
“Xi Xi!”Blue is out of the elevator,Old far, standing in the center of the square。
Yan Xixi made a white casual sweater,Wearing white casual shoes,Still handsome, people do not open your eyes!
“Blue!”熙 手 手 手,When the hand is inserted into the pocket,Long figure,Sunshine handsome。
Looking at Blue Xin to him,His eyes are rippling,In vicars that you can’t hide your affection。
He also went to Lan Xin,Standing in front of Blue Xin,suddenly,He frowned with him,Dislike:“Blue,Good smoke!”
He doesn’t smoke,Very annoying!
Blue Xin smiled apologetically,Helplessly:“Xi Xi,no way,Take a while,The wind is blown.。”
Xi Xi smiled,Smile,He took a cup of milk tea to her.:“give,What you like Strawberry Milk Tea!”
“thanks!”Blue Xin smiled and Xie Dao,I just drank some wine,Drinking strawberry milk now,Can press the wine in the mouth。
The two have a laughing along the direction of the apartment to the apartment.。
“Blue,First day of work,How is your job going?Does anyone bully you??”Yan Xi took a milk tea,I asked her.。
Blue Xin smiled and shakes his head,Every one in one fell swoop,Elegant and a smart。
“I am director,Who dares to bully me??”She smiled and smiled.。
“Um!This strawberry milk tea is very good。”She smiled and sucked a bite.。
Le Zhenxi laughs,Not talking,Clear eye,But looked at the place where she was red wine was red.。
Neon light is abnormal,Occasionally, the car is galloped by them.。
Even if it is twelve o’clock,It is already very lively on the street.,Occasionally some people pass by them,I will read them two people.。
At this time,Lu Hao Cheng’s car is also slowly entered into the road.。
NS31chapter:Who is you guilty today?
NS31chapter:Who is you guilty today?
He looks deeply from the window.,Interested to search for Blue Xin’s figure。
suddenly,See Blue Xin and a man shoulder,Have a laughing together。
The two people also took the same milk tea.。
Lu Hao’s look,A moment of stiff,His heart,Focused about a blessing。
This is,It is very likely to be his blue blue from Lan Xin.。
his hand,Grip the munch,His lips are tight,Deep eyes are not looking at the two people chatting.。
Until the car has exceeded two people,His eyes are still not received back。
The temperature in the car suddenly decreases。
Ou Jing and Mu Zizheng know?
They also saw Blue Xin and a man and laughing.。
So late, come over and pick it up,The relationship between the two don’t want to know。
Mu Zihao looked at the cold Lu Hao Cheng smiled.:“Hao Jun,You won’t really think that Blue Xin is Gu Yi Blue.?”
Lu Hao is not talking,He looked outside the window,Face line is stiff and cold。