Someone knocks on the door,Blue Xin pulled the door handle,Actually open the door gently,Her lips raised a touch of faint smile,Qing Dun’s movements are faster than her imagination.。
She immediately pressed the switch of the door.,Turn the lamp。
“Ha ha……The little girl of the big brother is shy.,Turn the lights。”
“Hey-hey……Garry the light is more fun,This is more interesting,More mysterious。”
Blue Xin is cold and cold,Door opening,Mo Qi and Qingqing have two women standing at the door。
One of them is a woman who brings her to here.,another one,Blue and blue laugh,I know that she is。
“Send it in。”Blue Hindong has no expression。
Take the body of others,I hope that these two women should not surprise。
Although I said tolerate,Solve a hundred days。
But in her, it seems that it is not good.。
Her kindness will only let others become sharply bullying her.。
People like moisture,The world is like Yunshuo Shu。
She wants,It’s just a happy life of her family.。
“Bamboo……”The door of the room is used to close。
Before Qing Ding,She wakes two women。
Instant,The two women came in a panic scream。
Mo seven face is ugly,I didn’t expect the world to have such a vicious person.,I want to ruin the lady.,“Miss,Monitoring video is arranged opposite the room,The other party is ready to do live to ruin the lady。”
Lan Xin nodded,“Go open live broadcast,I go to the downstairs to change my clothes.。”
She also looked at Qing Dynasty:“Qing Dynasty,Go to withdraw here。”
Mo Qihe Qing Diengjun。
Blue Hindong has no expression,A kind and tempo girl,Hard students were forced to have a cold and ruthless person。
She went from the special road to the top floor in the room for clean clothes.。
Just out,I heard a screams came from the outside banquet.。
She is looking into a shallow smile on her right little face.。
Footsterer, long-lasting。
at this time,Banquet on the big screen,There is an unbearable scene。
Two men and two women in the same room,Pull out clothes。
Ready to enter the foreplay。
Always waiting for a good playkay,Yun’an,Li Shuya,See a scene that appears on the big screen,Several women are stupid。
“Snapped……”The crisp slap in the big screen。