“Who said is not?,Such a thing,We have,Who dares to imagine it will become like this?!”

This,With these people,I haven’t forgotten。
no doubt,Such a thing,What makes everyone have some unexpectedly。
For this,In fact, it is even more than some.。
Yuan Feiren at this time,The heart is very very touching。
“This situation is now,How should I deal with??”
Yuan Feiren looked at the front of the eye,For the current scene,What’s more, the more you feel very exaggerated?。
But from now on,Other things,It is nothing to delay.。
Shen Xuan is very light。
In fact, when solving Luo Tianying,Shenxuan’s heart,I have already thought about this。
From now on,these people,I didn’t plan to let myself。
So when you look at these people,Shen Xuan whole person,The more you look, the more you feel funny.。
“what happened,You plan,How to deal with?”
“All culprits,All is because Luo Tianying.。”
Shen Xuan said,It’s really true。
after all,If it is not Luo Tianying, it is more than a lot of things.。
So,How can there be such a trouble??
So from now on,How to see such a thing,How to make people feel,Come, still more difficult。
Here,Yuan Feiren is not so much。
Even when I looked at Shen Xuan,Yuan Feiren directly。
“Humph,Even if Luo Tianying can。”
“In fact, this thing is strictly,And you still have a very big relationship。”
Yuan Feiren said so,This is a person who makes other marties,It is also looking at the eye.。
obviously,How should I handle this?。
at this point,How to see,How to make people feel。
In fact, there should be this necessary,Well solve this thing。
“makes sense,Although it is said that the mainmbly is Luo Tianying,But Shen Xuan is also evil。”
“Today, this matter,If you don’t give us an explanation?,It is not to blame you.。”
“In short now,Let’s talk to him so much.,It’s right directly.。”
Finish,Other martial art,In front of,I plan to start the throne directly to Shen Xuan.。
Shenxuan,Stand in place。
His line of sight is in front of him,For all this,It is completely nothing more。