“Comply with!”What Saduo wants is this Lingjian,He likes to fight wildly,The crazier the more heartily,I swear that the Five Elements Island must be demolished on this trip。

“Few remaining,please。”When Dongfang Ruiqing said something, he bowed his hands to the remaining gods,“Please help Dongfang Ruixiang keep the camp。”
“Please rest assured,Set mission。”
Dongfang Ruiqing waved his hand,Just took a look at my brother,So he strode out of the handsome account,With only two guards,No one knows where he went,As a general of the Chinese army,Act like this,Dongfang Ruiqing has done it more than once or twice。
Dongfang Ruixiang understands,My brother must have gone to find the boy,And there is something in my heart,Light and simple,Easier to do。
And at the moment at the gate of Wuxing Island,The battlefield has just been cleaned up,Elder Jin is still a little confused,The teenager changed his mind just now so that he doesn’t have to go with him,Assist Elder Qi in defending the battle,Dissatisfied,This is no different from Liyun’s treatment,Didn’t give him any explanation。
but,Elder Jin can only complain in his stomach,The twenty dead men who were with him were all evacuated,He can only retreat to the big formation,Assist Elder Qi in defense,The gate is closed again,According to the boy’s words, continue to be a turtle。
After complaining,Elder Jin’s back is still breathing,The brutal fight just now,He has never seen him a few times in his life,A dignified god-level powerhouse,Just surrounded by five people,Was strangled in an instant。
And the compound formation of the other fifteen dead soldiers around him is even more terrifying,All coalition soldiers and horses rushing up,Almost no one can escape alive,Elder Jin can’t remember how many people there are,There are at least two hundred up and down,Among them, there are several gods in the peak realm of the true gods.,All killed,I can’t even find the whole body。
Those dead men are like the coldest puppets in the legend when they kill,One move is extremely accurate,And it’s very collaborative,Five people move together according to a certain pattern,Far more than the combined combat power of five people,A person attacks the target,It often contains the last four more aggressive tricks,even more,Almost wave after wave,Can’t stop like the tide,Until strangling the opponent。
Everyone’s seemingly random actions are secretly combined with deep meaning,No waste,Their cooperation with each other is almost perfect,It’s hard to find gaps and holes,No matter what your magic weapon,What magical technique,Five dead men just encircle you,Basically the overall situation is set。
Fanfeng’s cultivation is profound,A little exception,After being surrounded by five people, the big sky wheel law broke out,Fly all five people,Some scars on the body,But it doesn’t matter,One strength drop ten will have a certain effect,But before he could catch his breath,Surrounded by five other people,Fanfeng follows the law,Once again shook five people。
But not so lucky this time,There are at least two divine weapons inserted into Fanfeng’s chest,From an incredible perspective、It was inserted into his body without knowing it,A gold knife commonly used by the Jinfeng Temple,A very ordinary ice sword used by the people in the Yishui Hall,Two people, two tricks,Fanfeng。