From the first moment of boarding,He is in exploring the possible dangers。

I thought it as a nest of the Dragon,Should be full of duty props,Results The unexpected clean and tidy,No half an uncomfortable。
Like an empty city,Do not set any preparation。
“Is there any secret room here??”
“How can this ship may have this?”Crew helpless,“Even if you really have,I do not know either。”
The reason why the secret room,It is because Koho has always remembers the existence of the audio store.。
Abandon it,Yuechuan Dragon is brought together with a van.,These props have no doubt that they have been transferred to this place.。
They are hidden on this boat。
I don’t know what it will debut.。
This is not understanding,Always a deep water bomb。
“I understand,Thank you for your guidance。”
Ended the dialogue with the crew,Science is returned to the deck。
It is 6 o’clock in the afternoon,The sea of refreshing is turned into a tangerural basket of sunset.,Sea level is like burning sapphire。
It is already early June.,In many people’s impression,Summer white is very long,It’s very late,But as the northern hemisphere zone is now the road,While the temperature is increased, the day is shortened.。
It is a good family atmosphere than the theme of the famous war.,The dragon battle has always had a trip theme tradition,Chess player,On the other side of the scenery,Purify the soul,Enhance the realm。
During this journey,The players can also bring their own family together.,For example, this Dragon Palace,Many players have a ship with a family.,There is a bunch of children in the pool area to play on the slide.。
No one will think,This seems like a calm surface hidden crisis。
“What do you think??”Corporation turns to the side,Although no one is around。
Is true no one。
It didn’t follow this ship。
The day of the boat,Kohuma vaguely heard a voice with a voice“Bon Voyage”,Reaction,The ship has been offshore.。
Girls in the port as if there is a photon shape in waving handkerchief。
Just like it’s previous card,that place,I can’t get with you.。
The last few days,Corporation also does not feel its existence,I can only feel that it is in my home.。
There is always a feeling,No call function given to the Treasure map,It is called it.。
“Hey,We finished。”Qingdao deer is far away from the side,The skirt and the horsetail are gone by the sea,Seagulls also flew behind her。
Wearing on her is a contour sakuette,Also included with white beret,Quite leader。
Be in a hurry,How do you see a trip to travel?。
“Oh,Hard work hard。”
“hehe,See you this reaction,Probably even don’t know anyone?”
“How can it?,You are fighting anyway.12Be right。”Corona。
“Yes,Although she is very powerful,But it is not my opponent.。”Qingdao deer is proud to open the arm,“All right,You answer,Who is we playing today?,If you can’t answer,You will give me now to jump from here.。”