“It is the school that girls entrusted me.,And the rewards of the task,I really want to be quite good.。”

The night is unclear, so say it.,He has always thought it,Work very well。
After all, he is just in the school’s bulletin board.,Post a little advertisement,And attach your own information from yourself and Kangna.。
Then there is a school sister of the campus,Come over the entrusted task。
But now I look at Lian Tailang’s expression,I don’t think there is such a thing.?
“Ok,This is really a world that looks face.”
I heard the source of the delegation of the night.,Lian Tailang understands。
Without him,Night“Homa High School”The famous arrogance is quite large.,Especially in women’s groups。
Liantaro even heard,There are some girls who have also been deliberately established.“Night”,Besides“School grass research”,It can be seen that the popularity of the night is high.。
In fact, it is also very good,Excellent learning ability,Color value is super high,Biased strength is still quite strong。
This is an impeccable one person,No matter where,Be all one“National idol”Bar。
And attendant“Homa High School”s student,There are also many big ladies who are the same as Sima.,Night can get a lot of entrustment,Lian Taila is not strange。
“How about it,Miss Sima, how do you think about it?,What is your condition?。”
Regardless of the lotus Taro a passion circle“Current”Expression,Night, Sima, asked next to it。
“Nightny,Can you allow me to be your strength?,Test。”
Although a week,Willipranking,up to7800Strength,Really a great。
And if you complete such a large transaction,Own“Sima family”Position,It will become more stable。
But if this business is getting,Her status,Will also fall in a thousand miles,So, it is not careless.。
“no problem,So who my test object is?Lian Tairo??Miss Sima,Or you are alone?”
No comments at night,Such a large number of valuables。If you ask if you ask,Give yourself,Night, but still don’t worry。
And the night is also seen.,Miss Miss Miss,It seems not a vase。
Night can be on her body,Feel“Warning”,Even than Liansaro。
Although Lian Tairo is also“Musha”Shadow,But let him feel dangerous,But it’s other things。
“Do not,I want to measure the real strength of the night.,There is more suitable for me and Xiaoli。”
Sima is unwittering mysterious smile,Then turn around“Sima heavy work”Architecture walks,And illustrate the night and lotus stalk。
Enter“Sima heavy work”Later,Night is also finally understood,How strong the strength of people。
Different kinds“Bamboo”Weapon,Actually produced with flow wire,Among them, there are powerful firearms.。
There are also various cold weapons,Knife swords,It can be described as a wide variety of。
“Do you like it??If you have any words, you can take it.,Just when I gave you。”
Sima did not woven the night,Watching various weapons,Extremely generous。
Just like she is free to provide Weapons for Lian Taro.,She is on the night,I also saw business opportunities。
If one day,Night has become a strong in the world。Then they“Sima heavy work”It can stand out at all,Night use weapon,It is their production。
A little paid,Gamble,In the future, it is absolutely rich return.。
This little Sima is not well seen.,Liantaro still has nights,It is absolutely not that ordinary person。