“Walk away,Hurry and see。”

Li Huihe heard that Su Cool said,I don’t dare to be a little thing.。
After all, he is also a period of time with Su Chang.,The other party is deep in his eyes, whether it is in his eyes.。
Now Su Kai has said value,Then indicate that big tree is really worth money.。
After the peach is in the village,Li Huizhi saw a channel of the channel around the road.。
The front of the lotus village is a channel specially used to drain.,And this channel is also available for many years.,Every year, some people have dug over,Otherwise, the river sand will fill the fullness.。
The drainage of the village is coming,Then the water flowing down on the mountain is likely to have a river to flood the village.。
Channel design for your own village,Li Hui is still very technically theory of predecessors.。
After all, regardless of the direction of channels or the width of the channel, it has a great benefit for the entire village.。
“Grandpa,I will give you Li’s big brother.。”
Tao Hao this scorpion,Xu Laifu is also a place for everyone to give Li Hui Feng.。
Li Hui Feng is also a very curious walk in.。
“breeze,You can count,The village is originally desirable to mix cement with channels,Then put this paragraph to repair,As a result digging this value of this value。”
“Forehead,How is a value for money??”
Li Hui Feng looked at the big tree that was clearly excused.,Even the surface of the surface is a little rotted.,He is really in the tree that the tree is worthy of money.。
Just ask this question, ask this,The Suyang on the side is open.。
“If this is dug in the earlier,Tens of thousands worth,It should now be more than one million worth。”
Su Qing’s words,The people around fried pots。
Including Xu Laifu,Xu Lai Fu before he only heard Su Chang, saying that this wood has some money.,But but never thought that a broken wood is actually so worth money.。
There is no feeling before the road around the road.,But now I see the little light of the wood.。
“Cough Su Big Brother,Don’t be a joke with me.,This is rotten,Can you value so much money??”
Su Chang smiled and looked at Li Hui Feng,Then kneel down,Put a piece of wood with a key with the key casually,Then I found a place where the color is more concentrated.,Put it before Li Hui’s nose。
immediately,A stuffy taste of a heart is a bit surprised by Li Hui’s somewhat intoxication.。
“Su big brother’s meaning, this is agarwood?”
Shenxiang Li follow the wind or know,That is very valuable,Book。
“Yup,But this belongs to agarwood,But it has been fragrant,Just these fragrances also have a lot of money,But it is too long to be blisted.,Otherwise it is a priceless treasure.。”
I heard the unfortunate meaning in the royal language.,Li Hui Feng also feels a bit unfortunately,But good is there are many value。
“Hey-hey,It is not too late to find it now,At least a lot of money。”
“Xiao Li,This tree is what I found,And there is no main thing this matter,I found that it should be mine.,Do not?”
Sudden voice,Let the air are quiet。
Li Hui Feng looks to the speech, it is, I will give him the god of Zhao Dashan.。
When the road is loan,Didn’t see Zhao Dashan positive,I didn’t expect that the other party is more active than anyone in greed.。
“Hey-hey,Zhao Shu,You said that you found it is yours.?