“Don’t worry about this,I will go to the city tomorrow”Aunt Wang finished,Happy and gone。Wang Youcai let out a sigh of relief while lying on the sofa,He didn’t know he did it,Is it right or wrong。

Aunt Wang, don’t look old,But in doing things, a young man can’t compare to her。She walked to Baishui Town the next day,And then went to the city by car,Discussed with his husband, village chief Chen, and son Donghai about his grandson Xiaobao going to school in the city。
When the old village chief heard about this, Wang Youcai came to help,Of course he is happy,Because he doesn’t know anyone in Pingdu,Even if he can handle this renting,But he can’t do anything about this grandson’s school。
Chen Donghai heard that Wang Youcai came out to help,He was very upset,But he can’t help it。My son Xiaobao is indeed at school age,He can’t delay him because of selfishness,I’m even more sure I have unspeakable concealment。
Wang Youcai has been busy all day,Because the temperature here in Chenzhuang has risen,The land has long been thawed,He should have started work here long ago,But because Feng Yan has no recruitment information yet,So he hasn’t moved。
But there should be some preparatory work in advance,He and Tian Wa brought Liu Ying to rearrange the canteen,Dozens of people eating together,The corresponding tables, chairs and benches should be available。
There are some migrant workers who can’t bring them by themselves,The work tools they prepared here,Wang Youcai and Tian Baby both watched and cleaned up。Just that,Two people busy all day,Wait till dinner,He can’t hold on anymore。
Wang Youcai took two bites,When I was about to go to bed,Aunt Wang is here,He has two bottles of liquor in his hand。For Aunt Wang, this wine,Already very upscale,But Wang Youcai confirmed that he was very average。
“Boss Wang,Our family can have a meeting,Let Julan take Xiaobao to school in the city tomorrow。I have to trouble you,Still have to use your car”Aunt Wang laughed,Put two bottles of good wine on Wang Youcai’s desk。
Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“Ok tomorrow,There will be no show a day or two later,Because we are going to start work here”
“You helped me,Then if you have anything you need me to help, just speak up”Aunt Wang said very readily。
Wang Youcai thinks,Also right!Aunt Wang should do something for him。He thought for a while and said:“We need to recruit some workers here,Not too old,Can work again,And the price will not be very high,Do you have a way?”
“You said it clearly。Age of 40 or 50,Too young no one to come,Too old to work。Such a person is really hard to recruit,But you can ask me for this,I can go to Nanshuiwan to recruit,Dozens of people should have no problem”Aunt Wang patted her chest and said very grandly。
Wang Youcai listened,Busily called Tian Baby up and said:“You and Aunt Wang will enter the mountain tomorrow,You know the specific conditions,This must be done”