It is the game time4minute。

I have already pressed the line,The sword magic is not too dare to eat the war line of Ejiagut.。
GRXWilderness wants to help,But,There is always a rush of Zhao Xin in your own field.。
andGRXMedium,Don’t say that it is supported.,It is difficult to protect itself.。
be withrookieEmoy Ji’s line,He even asthesia is a very difficult thing.。
Some leading,Therefore, the lens is constantly,Switch in the position of Zhonghongno。
Because of seeing,The first drop of blood,What should I don’t have?,It will be generated between China and Shangye.。
Palace Qingwen manipulated a female police to make up a rear soldier,His number of knives have been coming32Knife。
Contrary,Now the knife is25Knife,Current,Always advantageous lines。
Palace Qing Wen Xin Si flash this thought,The situation in the road will start changing。
baonCattle head,In order to eat the gun with auxiliary,It’s a bit too big to walk.。
And each other’s auxiliary,It is also to catch this opportunity.,againstbaonThe location of your ownESkill control。
Plug Blue Colored Rectangular Flinders Skills Special Effects,From the hands of the gem knight。
Look at the distance between the two,ThisESkill,The cattle is definitely unable to hide away.。
But if you want to flicker to hide,Be too much to lose。
Such a look,This wave of wave,It is only possible to let the cattle will be forced to accept the result of the blood of the treasure.。
But just see this wave of viewers,When this is flashing this idea。
A fine broken gold suddenly,The body of the gem suddenly stunned to the right front,Yuling probably400Distance from the code。
HisESkill control,Therefore, from the direction of the cowheet,It turns into a policewoman pointing to another side。
Don’t say a policewoman,Even if the cattle is controlled,Then I was taken to the barbewalk control.,The blood volume is definitely slipping into the bottom of the valley.。
And the gem is blindE,After turning to the female police,This murder,It’s too much.。
Police that is controlled,Connect control and injury,Absolutely difficult to escape。
Gem flashes,EThe effect of the skill is also directly triggered,Soldiers in this skill range,Therefore, it is directly dizzy.。
There is also the end of the skill range.……Women’s police?
“Ai Ai,baonIt’s a bit too big to walk.,GemstonesE……”
“Hey!this is aEflash!but……The policewoman predicts in advance.!”
“A moment before the gem flash,The policewoman presses her own in advance.ESkill90Caliber,Evue the gemEflash!”
The voice of Wang remember is incredible,But this wave fight,I haven’t ended here.。
Chang Haoyou picks up。
“baonCounterWQTwo liaons,Mount ignite。Police alarm,High damage!”
“GemstoneApeople,Should be brushingQTreatment is then connected to this wave frame。But there is ignition on Xia,Too little back。”
“Xia is not going to run,Looking back to align the target,Obviously I want to change one before I am dead.……”
Chapter 113 Dog mouth sew