Night, try to make your own eyes not to watch Lucy and Ladby,But facts,This for a mental healthy male,Quite challenging。

Laughing is small, not mentioned,Lucy’s color gas value full rabbit girl,Let the night can’t resist the temptation of the night.
“your house?So saying that night is that greasy,cough,Is this the owner of this house??”
Lucy is surprised to watch the night,It seems that there is such a surprise night.,Not before the night,I am because of poor,So just the great bounty person with a high dangerous??
But now just in the town,There is money to buy a house.?
“Night,I really see the wrong you before.,No wonder, you have Wakaba with Macah, they are coming.,It turns out that you are still good.?
We will wear this to clean up,Isn’t it what you mean??”
Surprised Lucy,Laughing is a bit angry,It is clear,She regards this requirement, the delegate is released by the night.。
“Forehead,Although I did buy this house yet.,And there are also people who come over,But there is no such requirement.”
Look at the dead library water wearing the lace,There is also a bunny dress on Lucy.,Night is like understanding,Why do you leave before?,That little brother will leave it to yourself as a sense of deep smile.。
Then I bought my house at night.,Then I put forward the request.,Solver Lucy who thought that night is really metamorphosis。
“It turns out that it is really not the meaning of the night.,But as a friend,I bought a house at night.,I don’t talk to us.。”
“Isn’t this because I just bought it??But is the magmaian usually do??evenspayCleaning the entrustment”
One said one,Although not the meaning of the night,But now Lucy and bud are indeed eye-catching,Point for Xiao Ge,I will take care of him in the future.。
“Not because the recent entrustment is too difficult,Naz and Ignore the news of Ignier.,Then I ran out myself.,I have a person who can’t do a difficult task.。”
Lucy helpless appeal,Although I entered the strongest team in the tail of the fairy,But Naz is often uncomfortable,They have been not yet received for a month.,If you don’t come out to make a task,She is the same as Nats.,Sleeping to the wilderness。
Although the fairy tail is in the kingdom, it is a very famous guild.,There are also many entrustments in the guild.。
But what is difficult to delegate,Usually the main strengths of the guild are completed,And the strength in the guild,Still don’t take much,So those low-difficult commissions,I become more precious.。
After all, there are more porridge.,What is afraid that Mira is related to Lucy,But others are also the magician of the fairy tail.。
As for Lucy to challenge the difficult high-end commission,That really wants to don’t think,Don’t think that Mira’s signature girl is a vase。
Responsible for accepting her,When the members of the guild accepts commissioned,It will determine that this member does not have enough strength to complete this task。
BeSGrade“Monster”Mirazii has this level,And this is also the president,The purpose is to avoid casualties。
in short,Countless can be made of Lucy under Mira,Received this remuneration and simple task,And also pulled a bud ratio。
Know the client is a night,The house is also bought in the night.,Lucy and Ladb suddenly put down,It has become casual with actions.。
The land of the lace is not swept.,Lucy’s table does not rub,It seems to have a home,Start visiting the house。
Then the bud is coming to a study.,See a rich book on the bookshelf,Probably the original owner left,Suddenly take the next,Then let the night with Lucy not to bother yourself
Lucy is also almost,When I saw the backyard, there is still a pool.,I will go back to change in a swimwear.,Then I said that I just lived too much.,The body sweating
Pay attention to the public account:,Pay attention to send cash、Dollar currency!
Night:You are not connecting,Come and clean your health??
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