“Forehead,Ling Sister,If I know, I don’t ask you.。”

Seeing Li Hui’s expression,Zhao Xiaoling confirmed again,Know that Li Hui Feng is really do not know,Not lie to her。
“Hey,Maybe you have just returned,Previously, the name of the decoration here had just played out.,Business has passed,The price is also ready to rise,But encountering the malicious competition of peers.,Then Zhang Duo hide the other party,Development towards some remote places,Originally opened,To reopeize,Sure making money, you have to make money.。”
“Worker’s question,I have heard that it is being,Then several people want to do,The result was taken into the hospital.,Later, how to deal with it, don’t know,But workers have resigned。”
I heard Zhao Xiaoling’s words that Li Xiang’s face changed.,Why didn’t he think of Zhang Duo actually。
But think about him, I feel that it is true.,After all, the other party didn’t really have blood over the knife.。
I have some conflicts,Be scared and true。
Just don’t know how workers have dealt with,If the worker is not processed,He will directly let Zhang more returned to Yang Tie to study。
Originally he thought Zhang Duomo to run business,Managing a team should be more than enough。
I didn’t expect my head.,Still let him disappointed。
“Um,Ling Sister, don’t say that I have asked.,Waiting for me to talk to him slowly。”
“Do you feel that I am a woman who chews my tongue??
Do not worry,Will not。”
Zhao Xiaoling smiled,One side of charming, Li Hui Hui。
The style of this eye makes Li Hui’s feelings in front of you.,He didn’t expect Zhao Xiaoling to be charming than Zhao Xiaoli.。
“Hey-hey,I know that Ling Sister will not,Say your sister didn’t ask questions about the matter.?”
Li Hui Feng this,Zhao Xiaoling also felt some shy,At the same time, I feel that my heart is not very good.。
“mentioned,I said that I am very good.,But is that Jiang Xiaomei said really??
You really have a lot of girlfriends?”
Looking at Zhao Xiaoling’s pair of beautiful scorpions,The serious color in the scorpion makes Li Hui, some don’t dare to see。
“Um,It’s really true.,And this matter I feel that my scorpion should also know,I am actually because ginger sisters said the girlfriend.。”
“Ok,It seems to explain my sister.,Otherwise, her mouth can not be tuned.,In case, I will pass me with you in your village.,I will not be good in the future.。”
Zhao Xiaoling said this,Li Hui Feng suddenly has a feeling。
“No way?
Before she did not promise not talking??
And my character in the village is now very bad.。”
Since the shed,Li Hui is a way that is completely with most people walking on well.。
“Humph,You really believe in her.?
Let’s talk later.,Last noon,Go to you to eat together.,I will go to changing clothes first.。”
Just when Zhao Xiaoling shouted clothes,Li Hui also began to consider how to solve a lot of things.。
He feels that he is not suitable for a leader.,Perhaps talk about business comparison,But expansion business,I really want to stand up and get up.,It is almost ambiguous。
At this time, Zhang has already taken Jiang Shuyan to eat before the small stall on the roadside.。
Eat road border,Zhang Duo also took the other party to the bidding stroke。
Just arrived,Zhang Duo stunned。
“Ginger sister,Let’s have a place to eat.,Some dangers in this place。”
Jiang Shuyan is not to pay attention to Zhang.,Instead, I wrinkled with a few hymn’s youth surrounded by the fried string. The booth is in that protection fee.。
She thought this situation only in TV,Or the old society in the past。