“Really cautious。。Unfortunately useless!”

The moment before the spear shot a wind beast,Li Ming’s actions have changed。
Consume a trace of the power of the world’s blue and white mist,Li Ming’s speed surged instantly,Directly reached almost twice the speed of the limit of heaven。
This speed,Easily bypass the siege of insects and beasts in the two worlds,Fly to the wind beast mountain lord,
Feng Beast Mountain Lord’s face changed drastically。
Although I don’t know what happened to the other party,But the other party’s sudden surge of escape skills is clear and clear。
The iron ruler turned sharply,The latter hit Li Ming’s back first。
But Li Ming is just a backhand,Pat on the iron ruler,The powerful force bombarded the iron ruler,Cracks appear。
The master of the Wind Beast Mountain who is connected with this magic weapon’s heart is also pale。
To this level,The destruction of the magic weapon will naturally not have much impact,But it also made Feng Beast Mountain Master’s mind divided for a moment。
A clone of Wind Beast Mountain Lord,It’s that moment,Li Ming has appeared beside the master of the wind beast,
Another trace of blue and white mist energy consumption,The speed and power of Li Ming’s shot is almost to the extreme。
that,Is comparable to the speed and strength of a Taoist monarch!
Under this power,Even the sharp spear of the Chaos Qibao level is bent a bit,Make a creaking sound。
Under this power,It’s just that Li Ming’s tricks have little room for mystery。
Break with force!