I made a pergola in the middle of the yard.,Many rattan plants are planted around the pergola,These plants hung the vines all around,Like a green wall。

Xia Jian suddenly discovered,Right in the middle of the pavilion,Put a wicker chair。A woman in a short skirt is lying on a wicker chair sleeping with her white thighs。This woman’s face,Built a marketing and management book。
No need to guess,This woman must be Guo Meili, no doubt。Xia Jian coughed dryly,Guo Meili fiercely stood up,She didn’t even come and wear two shoes,Where is the barefoot standing stupidly。
Guo Meili without makeup,Like water lotus,Coquettish。I didn’t even wear stockings on my two beautiful legs,Showing her original beauty everywhere。
“Isn’t it a dream?!How did you come?“Guo Meili, who was stunned for a while, reacted,She asked in disbelief。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“You will really enjoy,This is simply a fairyland on earth“Xia Jian said,He lay on a wicker chair。
Guo Meili tidyed up her messy hair,Hurriedly put on shoes,She smiled and said:“I look like this,Made you laugh“
“very beautiful,Real natural,It looks better than the makeup“Xia Jian lying on a wicker chair,Shake aside,Said with a smile。
Guo Meili lightly hit Xia Jian’s arm and said:“Seriously,I ask you something,Is the truth about your matter revealed??I cut off contact with the outside as soon as I came back,I really want to live in isolation,But I never forgot about you“
“Alright!Don’t pick something nice and tell me,Since you haven’t forgotten my business,Why don’t you call me and ask“Xia Jian said,Sit up straight。
Guo Meili laughed and said:“Look at our poor place,Is there a signal??“
Xia Jian was taken aback,Hurriedly took out his mobile phone,Hu Shi has no signal。He did not expect,Bucheon City is also poorer than Pingcheng City。
“Oh!I was wrong to blame you。Come sit down!You stand,I am uncomfortable sitting“Xia Jian said with a smile。
What did Guo Meili think of now,She ran into the building,Ran out in a while,She is holding a thermos in her left hand,Holding a plate in his right hand,There is a tea box inside,And a cup for drinking water。
Guo Meili put these things on the stone table in the pavilion,Then Chao Xia Jian beckoned:“Move the chair closer,I make tea for you。The water here is good,The tea is delicious“
Xia Jian just got up,Walked over and sat on the stone bench。Guo Meili made two cups of tea with a smile on his face。Then she smiled and said:“what’s the situation?Why did you come here suddenly,Hurry up!I thought I was dreaming just now,I didn’t expect this to be true“