So the discussion in the group is lively,But the eight of them can’t participate。

of course,They must be more excited than other students in the group。
After all the tests are done,Everyone is waiting for a blockbuster at the press conference。
Although Han Jingchang doesn’t come to the laboratory much,But they are still preparing for the presentation at the press conference over and over again。
apart fromPPTOutside,Eight people often get together,Discussing how to let everyone see the power of the new battery。
After discussing specific measures,Is to contact the staff at the press conference,Prepare other external equipment for them。
Anyway, the excitement inside is a mess。
Wang Yufei decided not to communicate directly with potential partners,Instead, prepare a grand press conference under strict confidentiality. Of course, it also has its own considerations.。
to be honest,He wants to rectify the name of the Brain Machine Society。
Facts proved,As long as the members of the Brain Machine Society are good enough,Exposing to more professional content in advance does not help。
of course,Mainly because Wang Yufei is confident to guide these people on the right path。
But anyway,Brain Machine Society as an important talent screening base for future imagination technology,There is nothing to lose。
Those problems that happened before,Let the brain machine society stagnate for nearly four months,So now of course we have to take advantage of the impact of this conference,Take back the wasted time。
Everyone says that these projects are to help,So now we have proved that the Brain Machine Society has the ability to turn these projects into real technologies,Who would dare to say that this matter has helped?Who dare to comment on the members of the Brain Machine Society?
This is the ultimate goal of the conference。
Making money is secondary,Fame must be famous!