“Lin Feng,White robe,If it is not dangerous,What makes the temple to complete?”Xiantian sword is laughing:“Even if you find a slightly safe,Can the Temple of Temple??”

“Oh,Tell these dangerous tasks。”Lin Feng faint。
Xian Tianjian did not speak,His big sleeve,A golden paper appeared in the void,Every gold paper is informed with some ancient characters.,Write a task。
Ten gods tasks。
The top three tasks are actually looking for a lost artifact.,This task has almost no one to pick up。
It is also very dangerous in several tasks.,Both are some dangerous zones that go to the gods,Especially three,Four,The five or three tasks are not dangerous than the task of Xian Tianjian just said.。
“Looking for Bei Ming Ni A!”
Lin Feng’s eyes fall on the fourth task,Because the area involved in this fourth task is in the devil abyss area。
Above it written in Beiman Shenjia。
Beiman Shenjia,It is the founder of the Arctic Temple of the Arctic Temple.,A half artifact,Later, the temple gave the temple,The temple of the fire hall is fallen by the attack of the killer.。
Later, the championship of the sea appeared,The new owner of Beiman Shenjia is falling in the devil depth,Beiming Shenjia is also scattered in the devil abyss。
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Chapter 1,6131 Goddess mission
“Sea emperor,This is true and false?”Lin Feng suddenly acoustic,The sea is probably known to know the palace。
“This is true,Beibe Shenjia this artifact power is endless,Wear,Renior master attack,Then transform new power attacks,This half-deitor is very horrible。”Haihuang explained。
“absorb,Transform?attack?There is also such a horrible half-deitor?Isn’t it possible to live an attacker??”Lin Fengnhen is shocked。
“Hey-hey,This nature,But when the gap is very big,The owner of Beibun Shenjia also avoids falling。”Hai Huang smirk:“Take this task,I will help you find,The specific thing has come back to tell you。”
“it is good!”
Lin Feng heard the words of cold glance on this golden paper:“Xian Tianjian,I will take this task instead of the two ancestors.!”
Tell this,Xian Tianjian and white robe have lost color。
“Lin Feng,You are crazy!”White robes:“This task is more dangerous,The War of the Devil’s Abyss has happened,Dangerous,This north of the north is very likely to fall in the core area.,We have no life!”
“Lin Feng,You think about it.?”Fairy Tianjian is relieved with a single excitement,Boy,I don’t know how the sky is thick.,This is, you find it yourself.,Noble。
This ranked fourth god level task,I don’t know how many masters of the temple falling in the North.,There are also many masters of other major power.,In short, this task is dead.,Otherwise it will not be ranked fourth。
“I think,This task is related to my fire.,It is the release of my fire.。”Lin Feng carrys his hands and looks at this gold paper.。
“Ha ha,it is good,Lin Feng,You will take this task better!”The fairy sword is sharp, looking at Lin Feng Road:“Do not regret。”
“do not worry,Since I replace two old ancestors, I will take this task.,I will not repent this matter.。”Lin Feng carrying the double hand looking at the void。
“Lin Feng,You consider clear。”White robes sighing。
“White old,do not worry,I won’t worry,This task is indeed related to the fire of the fire。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
And this task is completed,Beibe Shen A must also fall into the temple of the fire in love,He is currently the biggest controller of the fire,Once you are looking for it, you will fall into his hands.。
“Ok!”White robe ignorant。
“All right,Lin Feng,We can see the main hall of the temple.,I agree with this matter.,he agrees,You can。”Xian Tianjian haha laughed:“After determining this task,remember,Jiuqu Shenzhou gives me!”
“do not worry,I will give you。”Lin Feng looked at the Xian Tianjian:“However, I replaced the two old ancestors to connect such a dangerous task.,It’s too big to pay.?”
“how?Lin Feng?You are still not satisfied?”Fairy sword。